How to Change the Side Switch Function on an iPad

Many iPad models include a switch on the side of the device. This switch can be set to perform one of two functions; it can either lock the device rotation, so that the iPad will remain at the orientation at which it was locked, or it can mute the iPad. The setting that you elect […]

How to Reset Settings on an iPad

There are a lot of different settings that can be customized on an iPad, and each iPad owner likely has their own personal preferences. So if you have received a used iPad from a friend or family member that left their settings on the device, you may be looking for a simple way to remove […]

How to Stop Showing Email Previews on the iPad Lock Screen

Alerts are notifications on your iPad that appear as pop-ups on the screen. They can also be displayed on the lock screen, allowing you to know about app notifications that you have received without unlocking the device. But sometimes email notifications can include a short preview of the email message, which can be a concern […]

Why Are There Lines on My iPad Camera?

Each update to the iOS operating system seems to include some new features for the iPad camera. These updates usually provide additional functionality, and are typically seen as an improvement. But your iPad camera has also included some other features for several versions of iOS that you may not have noticed before, and which may […]

Change the Default Search Engine in Safari on the iPad

You have probably noticed that you can type a search term into the address bar at the top of Safari and it will automatically search the Web for that term. But you might not like the search engine that is being used to run this search, and you have wondered how to change it. Fortunately […]

Delete Messages from Your iPad After 30 Days

On devices with a limited amount of space it can become a delicate balance to keep what you need, but still have the ability to add new songs, videos or apps. We have previously written about how to delete individual messages from your iPad, but you may be looking for an automatic way to keep […]

Why Is My iPad Keyboard at the Center of the Screen?

You can customize many aspects of your iPad if you need to change something about the user experience. Some of these changes are fairly obvious to locate and modify, but others can be more difficult to find, or can even be enabled by accident. One such issue may arise if you find that your iPad […]

How to Show the Favorites Bar in Safari on the iPad 2

Bookmarks are a helpful way to quickly navigate to your favorites sites on an iPad. One way to find your favorite bookmarks is by touching the book icon at the top of the Safari browser, then select the Favorites option and open the site that you want to visit. But you can make this even […]

How to Reduce Text Size on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 has a lot of different configurable settings, as the default usage experience on the tablet is not ideal for every person that uses the tablet. One such option that you can control is the size of the text that is displayed in locations such as menus, emails, and Web pages. If┬ásomeone else […]

How to Get Rid of Auto-Correct Voice on iPad 2

Does your iPad speak auto-corrections whenever it replaces a word, or capitalizes something that you are typing? This is a feature that many people dislike, but it can be difficult to find the location where you need to go to disable it. Fortunately it is something that you can turn off, and it is found […]