Why Won’t the Screen Rotate on My iPad?

Are you trying to rotate your iPad screen to view something, but the iPad refuses to switch from portrait orientation? This behavior occurs because the “Portrait Orientation Lock” has been enabled on your iPad. This feature is useful when you are reading something and do not want your iPad to rotate as you adjust your […]

iPad at Work for Dummies (Free eBook Valued at $16.99!)

Apple’s iPad helped to jumpstart the tablet market, and there are millions of households around the world that count an iPad among their devices. But the iPad is more than just a bigger smartphone that you can use to watch movies or listen to music. It’s also an incredibly effective tool that belongs in a […]

How to Check for an iOS Update on an iPad

Your iPad will occasionally have an iOS update available which will add new features and fix existing bugs or security problems. But updates often come at inconvenient times, so you may choose to install them later. If you are trying to do something on your iPad, but are unable to, then it is possible that […]

How to Delete a Bluetooth Device on an iPad

Pairing a Bluetooth device with your iPad helps to ensure that the two devices will automatically connect whenever the iPad’s Bluetooth receiver is turned on, and when the Bluetooth device is turned on. But occasionally you might want to use the Bluetooth device with another receiver, such as your iPhone, so you will be looking […]

What Version of iOS is On My iPad?

The software that is used on most Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad, is called iOS. Apple introduces updates to their software periodically, either to include new features, or to fix some previously unidentified bug. Your iPad will typically inform you that an update is available, but you may elect not to […]

How to Change the Default Email Address on an iPad in iOS 9

The Mail account on your iPad is very adept at handling multiple email accounts. It will even combine all of your messages into one general inbox so that you can view all of them without having to leave the same screen. But when you go to send an email message from outside the Mail account, […]

How to Turn Off the Passcode on an iPad in iOS 9

When you updated your iPad to the iOS 9 operating system, there was a step that asked you to create a passcode. This is a security measure that makes it more difficult for a thief, or any unwanted person with access to your iPad, from being able to view your personal information. But entering the […]

Why Can’t I Lock the iPad Screen Rotation from the Control Center?

There is a special menu on your iPad that you can access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This is called the Control Center, and it offers several buttons that allow you to access helpful features and change certain settings. One of these buttons can either mute your iPad, or it can […]

How to Turn Off Predictive Text on the iPad Keyboard

Cell phone companies have long been looking for new ways to increase the speed and improve the accuracy with which text messages are typed. Because of the similarities between the iPad and the iPhone, it shares some of the iPhone’s functionality, including features like Predictive texting that are meant to improve the text messaging experience. […]

How to Change the Side Switch Function on an iPad

Many iPad models include a switch on the side of the device. This switch can be set to perform one of two functions; it can either lock the device rotation, so that the iPad will remain at the orientation at which it was locked, or it can mute the iPad. The setting that you elect […]