Solve Your Tech is about helping people learn how to perform useful, yet approachable tasks with their computer and electronics. Many of the techniques and programs written about will focus on free options, but we will also address tasks that are specific to premium or purchased products.

We mainly write about products that we use on our own computers and in our own homes, because those are the products that we have available to us and with which we have the most experience. Our procedural articles are written hands-on, usually while we are performing the task in question as we write the article. This method of writing allows us to ensure that the procedure actually works, as well as allowing us to point out any potential problems that someone may encounter while they are performing the procedure themselves.

Most procedural articles about a particular program will reference the specific version of that program that were used to write the article. However, in the event that this information is overlooked or omitted, we highly recommend checking the screen shots included in the article to confirm that they look the same as the program that you are using on your computer. Additionally, the date of the post can be a valuable piece of information, as it can tell you whether or not the version of the program that you are using even existed at the time that the article was written.