how to delete apps on an iPad

How to Delete Apps on iPad 6th Generation

Many of the different services and businesses that you use every day have their own apps. Some of these apps let you make purchases or complete orders, others provide additional information, and many will improve your experience. But you can quickly wind up with too many apps on your iPad, meaning that it’s time to … Read more

how to clear YouTube iPad history

How to Delete YouTube History on iPad

The YouTube app that you use on your smartphone, computer, or iPad provides you with access to an incredible library of content. Much like the web pages that you visit when you are using a Web browser on your laptop or desktop computer, YouTube saves a lot of the activity that you perform while using … Read more

remove today view from the iPad home screen

How to Disable Today View on the iPad Home Screen

Your iPad can display a number of widgets that provide information about the weather, news, and more. This may be showing up on your Home screen, in a section called “Today View.” But if you don’t need or want it there then you might be wondering how to disable Today view on your iPad. The … Read more

How to Scan QR Codes on an iPad

Many products include a QR code that provides you with additional information about that product, or allow the manufacturer to add additional features for their customers. As such, it can be useful to learn how to scan QR codes with your iPad. QR codes have been a popular way for companies to include website links … Read more

iPad Video Recording – How to Change Resolution

The available resolutions for your iPad video recording are going to depend on the iPad model that you have. The higher the resolution of your recorded video, the more space that the videos will take. Adjusting the video recording resolution won’t affect the resolution of pictures that you take. Open the Settings app. Choose the … Read more

How to Turn Off AirDrop Receiving on an iPad

The AirDrop feature on your iPad lets people who are nearby send you files from their iPhone or iPad. This is a convenient way for friends and family to send you pictures but, if you’ve left AirDrop configured so that anyone can send files, you might eventually receive something from someone you don’t know. If … Read more

how to change the am/pm label on an ipad

How to Add or Remove AM PM Next to Time on an iPad

The status bar at the top of your iPad screen includes important information that you may want to check from time to time. Whether it’s the icons at the top-right, like the little arrow icon, the battery charge, or the date and time, it’s all important information that you may need to know. Some of … Read more