Oco HD Camera Review

Wireless HD cameras have gotten to the point where they can easily be set up and used by a large number of people. The ability to monitor parts of your home, whether inside or outside, is great for security and peace of mind. Plug-and-play wireless security cameras have become more and more common for solutions […]

TechOrbits Rise-X Pro Standing Desk Workstation Review

I spend a lot of my day sitting at my desk in front of a computer. If you are someone in a similar situation, then you are probably aware of how unhealthy of an activity this can be. While getting up and walking around periodically is helpful, you may have considered an alternate solution. I […]

Private Internet Access VPN Review

Online security is a big concern for everyone, as so much of our daily life has moved to the Internet. Many people manage their finances and important personal accounts online, and you likely have personal information that is stored in a lot of different databases across the Internet. Aside from risks that can come from […]

10 Things to Know Before You Buy an iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are the newest models of iPhone available at the beginning of 2017. The iPhone 7 is one of the most popular cell phones in the world and, despite some specific criticisms that it received when it launched, is also one of the best-reviewed smartphones currently available on […]

Hands On With StudioPress Sites

StudioPress Sites launched recently, offering a managed WordPress solution at a low cost. The service focuses on providing fast and secure WordPress sites that incorporate the Genesis framework and Genesis child themes. We have recently written about what is offered by StudioPress Sites, but we were anxious to take the service for a spin. Below […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Roku Premiere Plus

Streaming TV is becoming more and more popular as people look for ways to lower or eliminate their cable TV bill. Streaming services like Netflix have caught up to and, in some cases, even surpassed the offerings available from TV networks. But streaming from the Internet to your TV requires something that can access the […]

5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Roku Premiere Plus

The Roku Premiere Plus was introduced to the world near the end of 2016, and provided an affordable video-streaming option for people that wanted to use the 4K or HDR capabilities of their televisions. It is a fantastic device, and we covered some of its best features in our review. I have this hooked up […]

How to Start Your Own Tech Blog

Solveyourtech.com is a tech blog running on the WordPress content management system. It was created in 2011 as a personal resource to help me in my day job, which is IT support. I have been a freelance tech writer for almost ten years, and have been doing freelance support for longer than that. I started […]

WASPcam™ 9907 4K Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WASPcam™ for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I have been interested in getting an action camera that I could use for a number of different reasons in my everyday life, so I was excited to give the WASPcam™ 9907 4K a try. It is capable of […]

Hostgator vs Bluehost – Hosting Comparison Using the Same Site on Both Hosts

When you are looking for a hosting company for your new website, there are a lot of different options available to you. But two of the most common options you will encounter are Hostgator and Bluehost. They are two of the largest companies that offer this type of service, there is a lot of support […]