HP Laserjet P2035N Review

HP has a ton of different laser printers in its product lineup, and nearly every one of them is specifically directed at a certain type of user.

This HP Laserjet P2035N review will address the HP P2035N laser printer, which seems to be designed for heavy office use by individuals that need to print a lot of black and white documents.

Additionally, in case you have not seen it already check out our video review of the HP P2035N in the video embedded below.

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HP Laserjet P2035N Review of Speed and Quality

As you would expect from a black and white laser printer with a price tag in the $200.00 range, this printer is fast. HP claims that it is capable of approximately 30 ppm, which seems to be pretty accurate from our experience with this device. The first page of a document will take just under ten seconds to reach the printer, but subsequent pages are at the 2 second range advertised.

The quality of the print is also very high, both from the regular paper feed tray where you would keep letter paper and from the manual feed tray that you can pull out from the front of the unit if you need to print labels or other documents that require manual feed. If you do use the manual feeder, you will need to manually start the print from the printer once the document has been sent from the computer.

Installation and Connectivity

For the purposes of our HP Laserjet P2035N review, we found the installation of this printer, on a Windows Vista computer, to be a breeze. Simply insert the installation disc included with the printer, follow the prompts and connect the USB cable when the installation wizard tells you to. Since the printer has been installed, we have also had to update the firmware for this printer, but you can read this article to learn how to quickly perform that task. Since installation, we have also never had any problems with connectivity, nor with documents becoming stuck in the print queue, despite continuously printing labels and switching between the manual and automatic paper trays for print jobs.

Most of the printing we have done with the P2035N has been through direct USB connection, but we have also printed over a network through that USB cable, as well as via an ethernet cable connected directly to our network. Again, the printer functioned admirably in all of these scenarios.


For the money and reliability, this HP Laserjet P2035N is tough to beat. Our organization goes through a lot of printers, and the worse ones stick around for only a couple of months before they are demoted or sent to the scrap heap. We have been using this printer heavily for over a year, without any need to replace or upgrade. The replacement cartridges can be had directly from Amazon for less than $80, which gives you a fairly low cost per sheet at about .03 per page (HP claims a 2300 sheet yield.) In conclusion, if you need a reliable, cost-effective black and white laser printer, this is definitely an option to consider.

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