How to Create an Outlook Email Template in Outlook 2013

Trying to incorporate efficiency into your work life can be difficult. However, there are ways to automate or simplify some of the tasks that you perform on a regular basis. For example, creating an email template in Outlook can save you some time if you are often typing very similar emails. Fortunately the way that […]

How to Add a Gmail Account in Outlook for Office 365

You may want to add a Gmail account in Outlook for Office 365 if you are using it for work or on your personal computer. Gmail is one of the most popular free email providers in the world, and many of the people that have a Gmail account will eventually want to access that email […]

How to Show the BCC Field in Outlook 2010

As an Outlook user you are probably aware of how to send an email to a recipient, or even multiple recipients. Use these steps to show the BCC field in Outlook 2010 to add BCC recipients as well. Create a New email. Select the Options tab. Click the BCC button. Our article continues below with […]

Mark All Messages as Read in Outlook 2010

The number in parentheses next to a folder in Outlook tells you how many messages are unread. Use these steps to mark all messages as read in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Find the folder list at the left side of the window. Identify the Inbox folder. Right-click on the Inbox folder. Choose the Mark All as […]

How to Request a Read Receipt in Outlook 2010

A read receipt is an option available in many email applications where you can find out when a recipient has opened an email that you sent. Use these steps to request a read receipt in Outlook 2010. Open Outlook 2010. Click the New E-mail button. Enter the recipient, subject, and body information. Click the Options […]

How to Insert as Text in Microsoft Outlook for Office 365

If you have a document or an HTML file that you like to use in your emails, then you are probably familiar with the “Insert as Text” option in Microsoft Outlook. This feature lets you insert the contents of a file directly into the body of an email message. If you often use a specific […]

How to Strikethrough Text in Microsoft Outlook

Your text should now look something like the image below. Note that my text in the picture below has a gray box around it because it’s still selected. Adding strikethrough in Outlook only adds the line through the text. The steps and screenshots above were created using Microsoft Outlook for Office 365. However, these same […]

How to Send a Word 2013 Document as the Body of an Email in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Outlook, are often compatible with one another for tasks where their functionality overlaps. For example, you might have to send an email that is going to require a lot of formatting, but you may be uncomfortable doing so in Outlook. Fortunately Outlook 2013 has a handy tool that […]

How to Enable the Attachment Reminder in Outlook 2013

The ability to include attachments with emails makes it much easier to share pictures, document, or other types of files with your contacts. But as you are typing the body of an email that will eventually contain an attachment, it can be easy to become distracted and forget to actually include the attachment. I know […]

How to Send an Email with High Importance Level in Outlook 2013

Some email messages are more important than others. Most email users receive a high volume of messages throughout the day, and will choose to give each of them a level of priority based on their personal assumptions. But if a message that you are sending is more important than others, you might be looking for […]