How to Use Private Browsing in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

How to Switch Between Regular and Private Mode in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Like the Web browsers that you use on your computer, most popular iPhone Web browsers will let you create private browsing sessions. Microsoft Edge on the iPhone has its own private mode called “InPrivate Browsing” that you can use when you don’t want the browser to save your history. The steps in this guide will … Read more

How to Turn Off Microsoft Edge Top Sites

Having access to all of the sites that you visit most frequently can make your Web browsing a little easier. But you might find yourself wondering how to turn off top sites in Edge if you either don’t want other people to see them or it’s not something that you are using. The steps in … Read more

how to change microsoft edge download folder

How to Change the Download Folder in Microsoft Edge

Most modern browsers give you ways to view and manage your downloaded files. Google Chrome lets you set download folder locations, and view recently downloaded files, as do other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. When you download files from Microsoft Edge, they go into a specific folder where you can access them later. … Read more