how to do a grammar check in word 2010

How Do I Do a Grammar Check on Word 2010?

Word 2010 is a powerful word-processing program not only because of the different ways that you can customize a document but also because of the utilities that you can use to check the contents of that document. You might be aware of the spell check feature, which has become a common part of most data-entry … Read more

how to single space in Microsoft Word

How to Single Space in Word for Office 365

Document spacing can impact several things, including the number of pages in the document. Microsoft Word includes several different options from which you can select to control the amount of space between the lines in your document. Many schools and organizations have their own rules and preferences when it comes to the amount of line … Read more

How to Search for a Word in Microsoft Word

When you learn how to search for a word in Microsoft Word, you will be learning how to use the Find tool. However, there is also an Advanced Find feature that lets you customize your search further, and there is a Find and Replace tool that lets you replace instances of words and phrases. Aside … Read more

How to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Word

If you often include a lot of math-related content in your Word documents, then you may be wondering how to insert a square root symbol in Word without resorting to complex or inconvenient options. Creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word will require you to type and replace different characters in your document. These are … Read more

adjust the picture size

How to Add a Picture to a Header in Word 2010

Customizing the header area in a Microsoft Word document is something that you may have done before if you wanted to add page numbers or your last name to every page. Putting content into a document header will automatically add that content to every page in the document without needing to worry about entering that … Read more

select the center option

How to Vertically Center Text in Word 2013

If you have been formatting the content in a document that you are creating for work or school then you may have needed to change some of the alignment. If so, then you most likely found the Left, Center, and Right Alignment options in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. But you probably noticed … Read more

how to show text boundaries in word 2013

How to Show Margins in Word 2013

The margins that you set for a document in a word processing application like Google Docs or Microsoft Word can be pretty important. Your school or organization probably has some kind of formatting requirement that dictates the size of these margins, as it’s a useful place to include notes when others review your work. But … Read more

how to underline blank spaces in word 2013

How to Underline Spaces in Word 2013

Many of the formatting changes that you want to apply in a Microsoft Word document can be achieved by selecting the text that you want to modify, then clicking the appropriate button for the desired type of formatting. But occasionally you will encounter a specific situation where the usual formatting methods don’t seem to be … Read more