How to Set Up 1 Inch Margins in Word 2010

It’s common for schools or workplaces to have specific requirements for the documents that you create, and one of those requirements might involve margins. Since Microsoft Word is still one of the most popular ways that you could create a document, that makes it likely that you will need to know how to set 1 […]

How to Insert an Image Caption in Word 2010

If you want to know how to add a caption in Word 2010, then it’s likely that you have an image and want to include some additional information about the picture or label it so that you can refer to it. By adding a caption to a photo in Word 2010 you are able to […]

How to Draw in Microsoft Word 2013

Do you need to add something to your Word 2013 document, but the only way that you can accurately express the information is through a drawing? Fortunately you can draw in Microsoft Word 2013 with the Scribble shape. The scribble shape allows you to make a freehand drawing directly in your document. Word will then […]

How to Turn Off Double Spacing in Word 2013

Some documents that you create in Microsoft Word will need double spacing, and some will need single spacing. Depending on your application’s current setting, or the spacing option chosen for an existing document, switching the line spacing can present some challenges, especially if you need to change it for an entire document. Line spacing is […]

How to Add a Column in Word 2013

A new document in Microsoft Word is going to have one column by default. Use these steps to add a column in Word 2013. Open your document in Word. Click anywhere in the document and press Ctrl + A to select everything. Choose Page Layout at the top of the window. Select the Columns button. […]

How to Remove a Hyperlink in Word 2010

Hyperlinks are useful to document readers because they provide a simple way to access additional, relevant information. But links can be added accidentally or automatically, and may not be wanted. Use these steps to remove a hyperlink in Word 2010. Open your document in Word 2010. Right-click the link that you want to remove. Select […]

How to Remove a Footer in Microsoft Word 2010

Adding a header or a footer to a document in Microsoft Word requires just a few steps. But if a document has a footer that it doesn’t need, you may be struggling to get rid of it. Use these steps to remove a footer in Microsoft Word 2010. Open the document in Word 2010. Choose […]

How to Change Page Margins in Microsoft Word 2010

The page margins in a Microsoft Word document often need to be set or changed depending on your school or organization’s requirements. Use these steps to change page margins in Microsoft Word 2010. Open your document in Word 2010. Select the Page Layout tab. Click the Margins button. Choose the desired page margin setting. Our […]

How to Select All in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Sometimes you will need to select everything in a document if you are copying it somewhere else, or if you need to change a font or formatting. Use these steps to select all in Microsoft Word for Office 365. Open your document in Word. Click the Home tab at the top of the window. Choose […]

How to Add a Solid Line in Word

Microsoft Word give you a lot of tools for adding objects and formatting to your documents. Use these steps to add a solid line in Word. Open the document in Word. Select the point where you want the solid line. Type three hyphen characters. Press Enter on your keyboard. Our guide continues below with additional […]