how to print the background color in word 2013

How to Print Background Color in Word 2013

Microsoft Word documents let you select a page background color from a Colors dialog box, allowing you to view the document with that color on your screen. But the default printing options in Microsoft Word have a feature disabled on the Word Options menu so that you aren’t able to print background colors or images … Read more

put an image behind text in word 2010

How to Put a Picture Behind Text in Word 2010

Some of the more creative and less-rigidly formatted documents that you will create in Microsoft Word could involve the combination of various types of media and document objects. For example, you may need to know how to put a picture behind text when your document image needs some editing and you don’t want to use … Read more

how to show the ruler in word 2013

How to Get Ruler on Word 2013

Some of the formatting options and tools in Microsoft Word can be in the way, so some users may hide them. Or, perhaps, there is something that could be shown on the screen but Microsoft has chosen to hide it by default because the majority of users won’t use it. But it’s possible that you … Read more

remove border from picture in word 2013

How to Remove Borders in Word 2013

While borders are often more of a concern in other Microsoft Office products like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint, you can have borders in a Word document as well. Whether those borders surround the entire document, part of the document, or a picture, then you might be wondering how to remove a border in Word … Read more

add a new comment in word 2010

How to Insert Comment in Word 2010

Many of the more popular document-creation applications include ways for you to work with others. These methods usually provide an interface where collaborators can comment on a part of a document so that everyone else can see that comment and decide if a change should be made. You can insert a comment in Word 2010 … Read more

change default font color

How to Change Automatic Font Color in Word 2013

New documents in Microsoft Word include a combination of settings that are defined by the Normal template. These default settings effectively determine what new documents will look like, so you will need to change these settings if you want a different setting for all future new documents. If you want to change the default font … Read more

add a column in word 2013

How to Add Word 2013 Columns

A new document in Microsoft Word is going to have one column by default. For documents that you create in a scholastic or corporate environment, this is likely the type of formatting that your organization would like you to use. But it may become necessary to add more columns to a document in Word 2013 … Read more

how to select all in Word

How to Select All in Word for Office 365

Using your mouse to highlight text in a document can be useful when you only need to select a word, sentence, or paragraph, but it can quickly become frustrating when you need to select more. And if you have ever found a need to highlight everything in a word processing application, then you may be … Read more

click the ok button

How to Change Table Color in Word 2013

Formatting a document in Microsoft Word often consists of adjusting the margins, or adding page numbers, or simply trying to adhere to your organizations formatting guidelines, such as MLA. But when you start adding other objects and media to your document, you can have a little more freedom to customize. If you have a table … Read more

uncheck the box to the left of gridlines

How to Get Rid of Gridlines in Word 2010

If you open a document in Microsoft Word and see a pattern of small blue squares of the page, then it’s likely that gridlines are enabled. Your first instinct might be to go to the Page Layout tab to try and remove them, but the option is actually found in a different location. Fortunately you … Read more