How to Stop Taking Screenshots on the Apple Watch

Screenshots on your iPhone are a useful way to share part of a text message conversation, give instructions on how to do something, or screencap a situation that you can see that someone else might find interesting or entertaining. Many other electronic devices include the ability to take screenshots, such as your computer. But your […]

How to Disable Nightstand Mode on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch has a lot of interesting features that longtime watch owners still find out about even after they’ve had the device for years. One of these features is called Nightstand Mode, and it illuminates the watch face like a clock when it’s connected to a charger. This allows you to see the time […]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Youtube Notifications

Following a channel on YouTube is a great way to keep up with new videos that are created by your favorite content producers. The more you use YouTube and discover good channels, the larger that list of followed, or subscribed, channels is going to become. Your Apple watch mirrors the notification settings for the apps […]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Calendar Alerts

Your Apple Watch syncs with many of the apps and services on your iPhone. This lets you get alerts and notifications from those apps and services on your watch, meaning that you won’t constantly need to check your phone. But, depending on how you use some of these apps, these alerts may be unwanted or […]

Why is There a Running Man on My Apple Watch?

Is there a tiny green notification at the top of your Apple Watch face that looks like a running man? Or is the Workout complication on your Watch face moving? Both of these things are indicative of an active workout on the Apple Watch. It’s relatively easy to start a workout by accident on the […]

What are all the Buttons When I Swipe Up on My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has a limited number of buttons and screen space, but it can still do a lot of things. In an effort to fit all of these features on the device and make them easily accessible, Apple included a couple of interesting methods for accessing some things. One way that you can enable […]

How to Set a Workout Playlist on the Apple Watch

The compatibility between the Apple Watch and your iPhone allows you to do some interesting things. One of these interactions that can be particularly useful is the ability for your watch to use the playlists that you have created on your iPhone. Particularly, this allows you to set an automatic workout playlist that will begin […]

How to Send an Audio Message When You Dictate a Message on Your Apple Watch

Typing or writing a text message from your Apple Watch can be difficult, so you may find that you avoid sending messages from the device. However, there is an alternative that you can utilize that lets you speak your intended message into the watch. If you have used this feature before, then it’s likely that […]

How to Change the Time or Distance on an Apple Watch Run

The various workout options in the Workout app on your Apple Watch provide you with multiple options for engaging in exercise that can be measure and saved by your watch. In older versions of the WatchOS software it was very easy and obvious to change the metrics for the workout, but that has changed slightly […]

How to Turn Off Activity Sharing Notifications on the Apple Watch

The Activity circles and awards on your Apple Watch can be a great motivation to be active everyday. It’s rewarding to close those circles, and can be something that you work toward everyday in an effort to stay healthy. One additional way that you can use this feature is by sharing your activity information with […]