how to turn off AirPod notifications on an iPhone

How to Turn Off the Airpods Left Behind Notification on an iPhone

When you connect your AirPods to your iPhone they will not only provide you with great sound from the music that you play from apps like Apple Music or Spotify, but they will also read some notifications to you. In addition to those notifications that the headphones read, you may also get notifications on your … Read more

how to show messages on lock screen iphone

How to Show Messages on the Lock Screen on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone gives you control over the way many of your notifications are displayed, including the notifications for text messages. If you wanted to get a really noticeable alert, for example, then you might want to learn how to turn on flash notification on iPhone devices. Use these steps to show messages on the lock … Read more

how to turn off notifications from apple news

How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications on an iPhone

Most of the apps on your iPhone, whether they were downloaded or there by default, have some type of notification system. Some apps use notifications a lot, while others restrict their notifications to critical information. Some alerts are pretty tame, while you may be wondering how to turn off flash notification settings if those are … Read more

How to Enable Delivery Notifications in the Amazon iPhone App

If you’ve already downloaded and started using the Amazon app on your iPhone, then you know how convenient it can be to place orders through that app. Once you’ve signed into your Amazon account, it’s often as simple as searching for an item and tapping a couple of buttons. You can purchase that item, or … Read more

how to disable audio notifications echo dot

How to Turn Off the Audio Notification on an Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is a fun, inexpensive device that lets you do a lot of different things. One of its features is the ability to synchronize with your Amazon account, which also gives it the ability to get notifications and messages. Unfortunately, for some, there is an audio notifications associated with the notifications and messages, … Read more