select the conversation, then tap the delete button

How to Delete a Text Message Conversation on an iPhone 6

If you have a lot of text message conversations in your Messages app, it can be tough to find the important or relevant conversations when you need them. Fortunately, you are able to manage the data in the Messages app on your iPhone, and you can delete any conversation that you want to. Our tutorial … Read more

How to Add Person to Group Text iPhone Guide (6 Easy Steps)

When you are taking part in a group text message conversation on your iPhone, you might find that there is someone else that should be a part of the conversation. While you may know how to create a group message from scratch, you might be wondering how to include another person in an existing conversation. … Read more

how to show messages on lock screen iphone

How to Show Messages on the Lock Screen on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone gives you control over the way many of your notifications are displayed, including the notifications for text messages. If you wanted to get a really noticeable alert, for example, then you might want to learn how to turn on flash notification on iPhone devices. Use these steps to show messages on the lock … Read more

select the text tone option

How to Turn Off the Swoosh Sound for Sent Messages on an iPhone

Your iPhone has a lot of different sounds that it can play when certain actions take place. one sound you may not like, however, indicates that a text message has been sent. Our tutorial below will show you how to find the menu where you can adjust your phone sounds, including how to disable the … Read more

how to find old iPhone messages

How to Find Old Messages on iPhone Without Scrolling

If I ask any user what’s the one app you use every day, they will probably name the iMessage app. We share tons of messages each month, and luckily, your iPhone saves all of them! Your iPhone even integrates with devices like the AirPods to read messages to you and let you reply with your voice. … Read more

tap the expire button

How to Turn Off Auto Delete Messages on an iPhone (An Easy 4 Step Guide)

Managing data on your iPhone is critical for maximizing the amount of available storage space you have. But there are some settings that could negatively affect the way you use your device, so you may be wondering how to turn off auto delete messages on an iPhone. How to Stop Auto Deleting Text Messages on … Read more

how to use text messages instead of imessage on an iphone

How to Send Text Messages Instead of iMessages on an iPhone

When you first set up your iPhone you will be enabling the iMessage feature. This provides a more extensive text messaging feature that you can utilize when texting with other people on Apple devices. But you might be wondering how to send green texts on iPhone if you would prefer to utilize regular messaging instead … Read more

how to turn on text message forwarding on an iphone 7

How to Turn On Text Message Forwarding on an iPhone

Being able to see and respond to text messages from multiple devices is important if you aren’t always using the same device. Luckily there is a way to configure this on your iPhone so that you can receive these messages on other Apple devices like an iPad, iPod Touch, or even another iPhone. You can … Read more