How to Forward a Text Message in iOS 7 on the iPhone 5

Have you ever received a picture or some useful information in a text message, and you want to share it with someone else?

You may have attempted to take a screenshot or download and re-send the text, but you can take advantage of a forwarding option to do it instead.

Our tutorial below will show you how to forward a text message from the iPhone Messages app to another contact.

How to Forward an iPhone Text Message to Another Person

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Choose the conversation.
  3. Tap and hold on to the message to forward.
  4. Select More.
  5. Confirm the message is selected.
  6. Touch the Forward button.
  7. Enter the name or number into the To field, then tap Send.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to forward text messages on an iPhone 5, including pictures of these steps.

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Sometimes you will receive a text message from someone that has a lot of important information that you need to share with someone else.

However, it can be difficult to copy and paste in the Messages app, and re-typing a long text message is often an exercise in futility.

Fortunately, your iPhone 5 has a way for you to forward a text message to a different recipient, allowing you to share the information received as a text message more easily.

Newer iPhone models and newer versions of iOS have this feature as well. Our iPhone text forwarding tutorial can show you how to use it on newer devices.

Forwarding Text Messages in iOS 7 (Guide with Pictures)

This method is going to forward your selected text message as a new text message, so you will have the opportunity to edit information in the message before you send it, if necessary.

Step 1: Open the Messages app.

open the messages app

Step 2: Select the conversation containing the text message that you want to forward.

select the conversation containing the text message to forward

Step 3: Locate the desired text message, then touch and hold the text bubble.

Note that this will work both for green text messages and blue iMessages.

locate the text message to forward

Step 4: Touch the More button.

touch and hold the message, then touch the more button

Step 5: Verify that the box to the left of the text message is checked, then touch the Forward icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

touch the forward button

Step 6: Enter the phone number or contact name of the desired recipient into the To field at the top of the screen, make any needed edits to the contents of the message, then touch the Send button.

how to forward a text message in ios 7 on the iphone 5

Now that you know how to forward a text message from your iPhone 5 you will be able to use these steps whenever you need to share important information that you received via text with another person.

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If you’ve been having trouble sending iMessages then you may want to read our article on how to make messages green on iPhone so that you can try out using SMS for everything instead.

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