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How to Remove an Excel 2010 Watermark

While there is no direct way to add a watermark in Excel, there are a variety of alternatives, including header and footer tools, basic image tools, and other options that you can use to create your own watermarks in an Excel workbook. But if you need to know how to remove an Excel 2010 watermark … Read more

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How to Change Font Color in Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel shares a lot of options and styling capabilities with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. While these applications all have different purposes, you can perform many of the same tasks. One such task involves changing the font color of numbers or letters that you have included in your … Read more

how to change page margins in excel 2010

How to Change Page Margins in Excel 2010

Microsoft Office users often have experience with changing page margins in their documents, although that experience is likely with Microsoft Word rather than Microsoft Excel. Many schools and organizations have strict document requirements, and document page margins are often a part of those requirements. But you can change your page margins in Microsoft Excel, too, … Read more

how to find the sum of a row in Excel 2010

How to Find a Row Sum in Excel 2010

If you haven’t used the formulas that Microsoft Excel provides then you may not realize just how powerful the application can be. While its formatting and sorting options can be helpful in evaluating data, there is a lot that you can accomplish when you start entering formulas into your cells to find values and determine … Read more

how to insert a column in excel 2010

How to Insert a Column in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel has options for formatting spreadsheets in a considerable amount of ways. You may already have experience in changing cell formatting or switching font styles or colors, but you can also change the layout of a spreadsheet by inserting columns or inserting rows inside of an existing dataset. No matter how much planning you … Read more

how to show the developer tab in excel 2010

How to Show Developer Tab – Excel 2010

Some of the more advanced and impressive tasks that you can perform in Microsoft Excel will include macros. These are bits of code that you can create in excel which will let you automate certain tasks. This can save you a ton of time and reduce errors caused by user input. But Excel macros are … Read more

how to print formulas in Excel 2010

How to Print Formulas in Excel 2010

Configuring the data in the cells of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is often just one part of creating and distributing data. While a spreadsheet may look good on a computer screen, your audience may need a physical copy of the spreadsheet for one reason or another. Formulas are a very important part of the Excel … Read more