Clear conditional formatting from your selected cells

Remove Cell Fill Color That Will Not Go Away

There is a Fill Color button in Microsoft Excel that you can typically use to add or remove a background color from some selected cells. But you might encounter a situation where that’s not working. This is because the creator of that spreadsheet is using something called “conditional formatting” to apply the fill color. Our … Read more

how to save as xls by default in excel 2010

How to Save as xls By Default in Excel 2010

The Excel 2010 default file save format in .xlsx, which is great when you are working with people that are using Excel 2010 or newer versions. But when you have coworkers who are using older versions of Microsoft Excel, then they might not be able to open those files. Our tutorial will show you how … Read more

how to move a column in Excel 2010

How to Change Column Order in Excel 2010

The initial structure of a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010 isn’t always perfect, and you sometimes need to put rows or columns in different locations. While there are a couple of ways to accomplish this, one effective solution involves copying and pasting entire ranges of data. This tutorial about how to change column order in … Read more

remove a split screen in excel 2010

How to Remove a Split Screen in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel has several different viewing options that you can pick from when you are editing your spreadsheets. The correct view is the one that makes it the easiest for you to see the information that is important to you while allowing you to comfortably navigate the application’s interface. But if there is a split … Read more

printing excel borders in excel 2010

Printing Cell Borders in Excel 2010

The lines around the cells in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet are called gridlines, and they serve an important function in visually separating data. If you have ever turned off gridlines in a spreadsheet then you probably know how difficult their absence can make it to work. This problem becomes evident on printed spreadsheets as well, … Read more

disable autocomplete in excel 2013

How to Disable AutoComplete for Cell Values in Excel 2013

Occasionally when you are entering data into a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, you may notice that a word is pre-filling the cell. If you are expecting this and want to incorporate it into the way you edit spreadsheets, then it can be a helpful tool. But if you find that is causing problems, then our … Read more