how to create a table in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Create Table Guide

If you haven’t ever used the table tools in Microsoft Excel, then you might not even be aware of the fact that Excel can add tables to a spreadsheet. Many people think of Excel spreadsheets in a manner similar to how they think of tables in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint document. Essentially it … Read more

how to expand all rows in excel 2013

How to Expand All Rows in Excel 2013

Many of the formatting changes that you can use in Excel are visible on one of the tabs in the navigational ribbon. Occasionally these tools will have options that specifically apply to an entire worksheet, but many only apply to the current selection. So if you need to know how to expand all of your … Read more

how you fill a cell with color in Excel

How to Color Cells in Excel

If you’re wondering how to fill a cell with color in Excel, then it’s probably because you are trying to make your data easier to understand visually. Use these steps to fill a cell with color in Excel. How Do You Fill a Cell with Color in Excel? Open your spreadsheet in Excel. Select the … Read more

uncheck the show sheet tabs option

How to Hide Tabs in Excel 2010

Being able to edit a visible property for one of your cells or worksheets in Microsoft Excel typically involves switching between the different tabs on the ribbon at the top of the window. There are a lot of tools and options on those menus that will typically allow you to achieve your desired result. But … Read more

position your mouse at the bottom-right corner

How to Fill Column With Same Value in Excel 2010

It’s possible that you have already noticed how often the mouse cursor can change as you hover over various parts of your spreadsheet. These cursor changes typically indicate that there is some specific action or feature of Excel that is available if you click on the location. One such instance involves an autofill feature that … Read more

disable the auto fill options button in excel 2010

How to Turn Off Autofill in Excel 2010

Taking advantage of the various convenience features in applications like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel is a great way to make yourself more efficient. One of the options that you will find in Microsoft Excel 2010 is an “autofill” button that appears when you paste content into your cells. While the assorted options that are … Read more

view the median formula

How to Calculate Median in Excel 2013

Learning how to calculate a median in Excel 2013 is similar to learning how to perform most other mathematical functions within the program, such as subtracting in Excel. If you are new to using formulas in Excel, then this article can be helpful. Excel uses a formula that takes the values in a range of … Read more