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15 iPhone settings to change – a comprehensive guide to some settings you might want to change on your iPhone.

How to hard reset iPhone 11 – find out about several ways that you can reset your iPhone.

Sent as text message iPhone – learn why some of your iMessages might be sent as text messages instead.

How to keep screen on iPhone – see how you can keep your iPhone screen from turning off.

Safari history iPhone – find out where you can go to see the list of Web pages you have visited.

How to turn off flash notification – learn where you can turn off the notification that causes your camera flash to blink when you get a text.

True tone iPhone – find out what True Tone means and how you can turn it on or off.

How to get rid of frequently visited on Safari – see how you can remove the “frequently visited” section on the Safari start page.

Apple gift card balance – learn how to view your current balance for an Apple gift card.

Why is my battery yellow – find out why the battery icon on your iPhone can sometimes be yellow.

How to Change iPhone Name (iOS 17) – Learn how to give your iPhone a new device name.

Apple Watch

How to silence Apple Watch – see how you can turn off all of the sounds on your Apple smartwatch.

How to unzoom Apple Watch – discover how to unzoom your watch screen, or turn off zoom altogether.

Apple Watch control center – lean about the different buttons when you swipe up on your Apple Watch screen.


How to turn off AirPod notifications – discover the setting that can get Siri to stop reading text messages to you when you receive them.

Google Docs

How to do hanging indent on Google Docs – learn how to apply a hanging indent in a document.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets header – learn about crediting, editing, and removing headers from Google spreadsheets.

Google Slides

How to delete multiple slides in Google Slides – find out how to delete more than one slide at a time from a presentation.

Microsoft Word

Cursive fonts in Word – this article discusses some of the more popular cursive fonts that you can use in Microsoft Word documents.

How to remove a section break in Word – learn how to delete a section break in a Word document.

1 inch margin – see how you can apply a one inch margin to your Word document.

Microsoft Excel

Drop down list in Excel – find out how to create a drop down list in a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint check mark – see how you can add a checkmark to a slide in a Powerpoint slideshow.

Google Chrome

My downloads history – find out where to view the history of files you have downloaded in the Chrome browser.

Chrome bookmarks location – see where to find the file that stores your Google Chrome bookmarks.

Microsoft Edge

Import bookmarks from Edge to Chrome – discover a quick way to add your Microsoft Edge bookmarks to the Chrome browser.

Microsoft Outlook

Strikethrough shortcut Outlook – learn about ways that you can use the strikethrough effect in Outlook emails.