how to restore Safari to the iPhone 13

How to Get Safari Back on iPhone 13

The iPhone has long included a number of default apps that let you use the basic functionality of the device. This includes things like a Settings app, Phone app, Camera app, Messages, Mail, and Safari, the Apple default Web browser. For a while, you weren’t able to hide or delete these default apps at all, … Read more

how to set time between slides in powerpoint 2010

How to Set Time for Slides in Powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Powerpoint has an “Advance Slide” section on its ribbon that allows you to configure a slide time after which the presentation will advance automatically to the next slide. This includes a duration box where you set the transition time for one slide in the presentation. This can also be applied to every slide in … Read more

how to print formulas in Excel 2010

How to Print Formulas in Excel 2010

Configuring the data in the cells of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is often just one part of creating and distributing data. While a spreadsheet may look good on a computer screen, your audience may need a physical copy of the spreadsheet for one reason or another. Formulas are a very important part of the Excel … Read more

how to change background color in word 2010

How to Change Background Color in Word 2010

While many standard documents aren’t going to need to change their background, it’s possible that you want to use an Office theme that utilizes your desired color, or to which you can add shading styles, a gradient color or pattern, or fill effects. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has a number of different ways that you can … Read more

how to merge cells in Microsoft Excel 2010

How to Merge Cells in Excel 2010

If you are fortunate enough to be working with an Excel spreadsheet where all of the data can be arranged in the default layout without any additional configuration by you, consider yourself lucky. Individuals making spreadsheets that require no formatting are certainly in the minority. If you have read this article about adjusting your cell … Read more

how to keep leading zeroes in excel 2010

How to Add Leading Zeros in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 does its best to format the data you enter into your worksheets so that it is in the format that it thinks you want. Unfortunately, its choices are not always correct, and Excel might wind up deleting information that is important or relevant. One particular situation you may find yourself in is … Read more

how to check word count in powerpoint 2010

How to Check Word Count on Powerpoint 2010

Creating a document or file that meets a minimum number of words or pages is a common task for people in school or at a job. Most word processing applications like Microsoft Office’s Word or Google Apps’ Docs have ways for you to quickly see the number of words in your documents. But you might … Read more

how to print the background color in word 2013

How to Print Background Color in Word 2013

Microsoft Word documents let you select a page background color from a Colors dialog box, allowing you to view the document with that color on your screen. But the default printing options in Microsoft Word have a feature disabled on the Word Options menu so that you aren’t able to print background colors or images … Read more

how to delete CarPlay apps from an iPhone

How to Remove Apps from Carplay on an iPhone 13

Many cars are able to synchronize with your iPhone so that you can seamlessly use your phone apps with your car. This makes it easy to use things like Google Maps or Spotify with your car’s user interface. But there are a lot of apps that have CarPlay functionality, and you may not actually need … Read more