How to Add a Passcode to View Logins in the Firefox iPhone App

The Firefox app on your iPhone includes a number of convenience features that can improve the way you use the browser. Among these options is the ability to save login information for certain websites. But these usernames and passwords can be viewed by anyone with access to the device, which is a potential security risk […]

Firefox iPhone App – How to Stop Prompting to Open Copied Links

Web browsers are getting better and better at anticipating how people want to browse the Internet. Many of these usability features are making their way to the mobile versions of popular browsers, as an increasing majority of users consume their content on a smartphone. If you use the Firefox browser on your iPhone, then you […]

How to Hide Images in Firefox on an iPhone

Have you ever been trying to read a Web page, but it was difficult to do so because there were a lot of pictures? This is a common complaint from people that read Web pages that are very image-heavy, as it can make it difficult to actually read the text that is located on the […]

How to Stop Switching to New Tabs in Firefox

When you encounter a link that you want to visit in Firefox, you can click that link to go to the linked page. Sometimes that link will open in a new tab, depending on how the website coded it, but other times you will leave the current page and go to the linked one. One […]

How to Block Camera Permission Requests in Firefox

Certain websites that you visit online will want to have access to some of the components on your computer. This might include your location or your microphone, as well as a webcam. But if you are concerned about a site gaining access to your camera and potentially using it in a bad way, then you […]

How to Stop Websites from Asking to Use Location in Firefox

Many of the websites and services that you use on the Internet will rely on your location in some way. Whether it’s providing you with information about nearby stores or restaurants, or providing search results catered to where you are located, there is a lot of value in this type of personalized information. But if […]

How to Check for Updates in Firefox

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular Web browsers that you can use on your computer or smartphone. It’s well-liked for its speed, extensions, and general user-friendliness. Like many of the applications that you use on your computer, Firefox needs to be updated periodically. Whether this is to fix bugs, add […]

How to Enable or Disable Night Mode in the Firefox iPhone App

Your iPhone’s screen can get very bright. It may not seem like it when you are trying to read something outside on a really sunny day, but it can be blinding when you are reading your screen in a low-light environment. Making some changes to your brightness settings can go a long way toward fixing […]

How to Delete Saved Cookies and Data for One Website in Firefox

Websites that you visit in Firefox will typically use cookies to remember information about you. This is usually done for things like account logins and shopping carts so that information can be saved when you navigate between different pages on the site. But if you are experiencing a problem when browsing that site, you may […]

How to Delete All Saved Login Information in Firefox

The Firefox Web browser is able to store login information, such as usernames and passwords, so that you don’t need to remember that information for the future when you log into a website. This is convenient, and makes it so that you aren’t stuck with a large number of differing credentials that are nearly impossible […]