How to Exit Full Screen in Mozilla Firefox

Many apps, including popular Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, have an option that lets you enter full screen mode. This allows the browser to take up the full size of your monitor, thereby making your Web pages larger and easier to read, while also minimizing distractions from other applications. But you may be wondering how … Read more

Why Is Firefox Highlighting Words When I Type?

Most modern Web browsers, including Firefox, offer a number of features that can improve your browsing experience. Many of these aim to let you browse the Web more efficiently using only your keyboard. One such feature will let you search for words on a Web page by simply typing once you are on that page. … Read more

how to check for updates in firefox

How to Check for Updates in Firefox

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular Web browsers that you can use on your computer or smartphone. It’s well-liked for its speed, extensions, and general user-friendliness. Like many of the applications that you use on your computer, Firefox needs to be updated periodically. Whether this is to fix bugs, add … Read more