How to Reset Print Settings in Firefox

Windows 10 updates have been happening a lot more frequently of late (whether they are intentional or not) and one issue that I have been noticing is an increase in printer problems. These are most commonly seen as general issues where the printer needs to be completely reinstalled, or a driver needs to be updated, but they can also extend into specific programs.

One problem I encountered involved Firefox. It was possible to print pages from the browser, but I was seeing errors if I tried to open Print Preview, or change some print settings. Fortunately it is possible to reset Firefox’ printer settings by following the guide below.


Resetting the Firefox Print Settings to Their Default

The steps below will show you how to reset your current Firefox print settings. For example, if you are having problems entering Print Preview (such as if you want to access the Page Setup menu to change your header or footer) and are getting an error message, then this might be able to help.

Step 1: Open Firefox.


Step 2: Click inside the address bar at the top of the window, type about:config and press Enter on your keyboard.

open the firefox about config menu



Step 3: Click the blue I’ll be careful, I promise!¬†button to confirm that you accept the risks with adjusting settings on this menu.

confirm that you want to do this



Step 4: Type print_printer into the Search bar near the top of the menu. This is different from the address bar that you typed into in Step 2.

search for print_printer



Step 5: Right-click the print_printer option, then click the Reset button.

reset firefox print settings



You should now be able to access the Print Preview menu in Firefox.


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