how to rotate a layer in photoshop cs5

How to Rotate Layers in Photoshop CS5

One of the most useful elements of Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the ability to separate your designs into layers. This allows you to separate specific portions of your design into different sections that you can edit individually. For example, if you are designing a flyer or a newsletter for your business and you include a … Read more

how to change the size of a layer in photoshop cs5

How to Resize a Layer in Photoshop CS5

One of the biggest reasons to use Photoshop is the ability to separate image elements into layers. This allows you to change individual elements, meaning that you can change the size of a single layer in Photoshop without affecting the rest of the image elements. An important distinction when you are creating and editing images … Read more

how to link two layers in photoshop cs5

How to Link Two Layers in Photoshop CS5

Layers in Photoshop provide you with the option to segment parts of an image so that you can edit them separately. Your layers are visible in the Layers panel, and clicking on a link will make it the active selection. But you may have a need to link layers in Photoshop when you want to … Read more

start using the added font in photoshop cs5

How Do You Add Fonts to Photoshop CS5?

If there is a great font that you have found on a site like Google Fonts then you may want to use it in an image that you are editing on your computer. But there isn’t an obvious way to use new fonts in many image editing applications, so you might be wondering how to … Read more

how to rotate text in adobe photshop cs5

How to Rotate Text in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Text that you add to an image in Adobe Photoshop is going to be horizontal by default. However, your needs might require it to be diagonal, or displayed at some other angle. Fortunately it’s possible to rotate text in Adobe photoshop by using the Transform tool. Many people think of Adobe Photoshop as a tool … Read more