Change Ruler from Inches to Pixels in Photoshop CS5

Setting the display on your Photoshop CS5 installation is something that can take a while to get just right. As you use the program more and more, you will find that there are certain elements of the program that you need to change in order to optimize your image editing. If you decide to permanently keep the ruler visible on the screen as part of this customization, you may find that the default inches measurement is not very helpful, and that you want to use pixel intervals instead. This is an option that is adjustable in the settings in the program, so you can change the ruler from inches to pixels in Photoshop CS5. The method for doing so involves customizing a menu that you may not use very often, so you can continue reading below to learn how to do it.


Editing the Ruler Settings in Photoshop CS5


If you have been using the ruler as a guide in your image editing and creation, then you know how important it can be when you need to make things symmetrical and correctly sized. But often times the specifications that you receive for an image or from a client will have dimensions that are defined in pixels, which makes the inches measurement less useful. Luckily you can easily change the ruler from inches to pixels to simplify the process of getting your image to those specifications.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Step 2: Click Edit at the top of the window.

Step 3: Click Preferences, then click Units & Rulers.

preferences menu, units and rulers menu


Step 4: Click the drop-down menu to the right of Rulers, then click the pixels option.

change ruler from inches to pixels photoshop cs5


Step 5: Click the OK button at the top-right corner of the window to apply your change.


The next time you open an image in Photoshop CS5, the ruler will be displaying distance as pixel units instead of inches. If the ruler is not visible, you can display it by pressing Ctrl + R on your keyboard. newsletter

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