How to Change the Default Font in OneNote 2013

The Microsoft Office programs on your computer all probably use the same font for new documents if it’s a setting that you have never touched. In Office 2013, this font is called Calibri. It’s a generally well-liked font, and many people leave it as the default when they start using programs like Word or OneNote. […]

How to Disable Text Recognition in Pictures for OneNote 2013

Sometimes the pictures that you save in OneNote 2013 might have some text in them. Occasionally this text will be an important part of why you need the picture. Because of this, OneNote 2013 is able to automatically detect text that might appear in some of your images. But if you find that this behavior […]

How to Enable or Disable Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go recently added a new feature called Adventure Sync. Among the functionality that this includes is the ability for Pokemon Go to count your movement even when the game is closed. This means that if you are walking around and don’t have Pokemon Go open, it will still count your movement for in-game features […]

How to Search for Cards You Don’t Own in MTG Arena

MTG Arena is a great way for you to play Magic the Gathering from home. It offers many ways to acquire cards, many of which won’t require you to spend any money. But there are a lot of cards available in MTG Arena, and you may be noticing that it’s only showing you ones you […]

How to Switch to Portrait Orientation in Windows 7

In a traditional setup your monitor is displayed in the landscape orientation, where the bottom and top edges of the screen are longer than the sides. But your situation might dictate that a portrait orientation would be better, so you might be wondering if that’s possible. Fortunately Windows 7 can be modified to display your […]

How to Turn Off Autoplay in Windows 7

When you insert a CD or DVD into the disc drive on your Windows 7 computer, it probably launches a program based on the type of media on the disc. This might be a music player if there are audio files on the disc, or it could be a DVD player if it’s a movie. […]

Where Did My Desktop Icons Go in Windows 7?

Are you accustomed to navigating your computer and its files largely from the desktop? This is a convenient location where you may save your important files, and where you might access your favorite programs via shortcut icons. But it’s possible for these icons to be come hidden, which could make your typical computer using experience […]

How to Turn Off Shadows in MTG Arena

Magic’ the Gathering’s Arena program is a fun way to play Magic the Gathering from your home. But the application can be a little resource-intensive, especially after it’s been running for a while, and you may notice that it’s lagging a bit when you play in on your computer. One change that you might be […]

How to Add Word Document Contents to a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Do you have a Word document that contains information that you would like to add to your Powerpoint presentation? While there are several options that allow you to do this, such as copying and pasting from the Word document, there is also a tool in Powerpoint that lets you insert the full contents of a […]

How to Add a Footer in Powerpoint 2013

While the content that you include on the slides in your Powerpoint presentation will often vary from slide to slide, there might be information or page elements that you would like to include on every slide. Whether this is your name, your company name, or the title of the presentation, it can be helpful to […]