Microsoft Word Line Spacing Too Big?

If you are coming from a different version of Microsoft Word, or if you are used to a different word processor, then the Microsoft Word line spacing may be too big. Use these steps to make document line spacing smaller. Open the document in Word. Click inside the document, then press Ctrl + A to […]

How to Outline Text in Powerpoint

Powerpoint provides you with a variety of tools that allow you to customize your text. Use these steps to outline text in Powerpoint. Open your presentation in Powerpoint. Use your mouse to select the text you want to outline. Select the Shape Format tab at the top of the window. Click the Text Outline dropdown […]

How to Type an Exponent in Word for Office 365

Occasionally you will need to type some text into a Word document that requires some unusual formatting. Use these steps to type an exponent in Word. Open your document in Word. Position your cursor where you want the exponent in the document. Type the number or character for the exponent, then use your mouse to […]

How to Make Columns the Same Size in Excel for Office 365

When you create a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, all of the rows and columns will be the same size by default. But as you add data to your spreadsheet and make changes to its layout, it’s likely that you will wind up with columns of different sizes. This can happen because Excel can expand […]

How to Pause a Slideshow in Powerpoint

In a perfect world a Powerpoint presenter would be able to give the presentation that they have created by simply showing their slides and reading their notes. But audience members can have questions, things can go wrong, and you might even discover that you need to clarify something that you hadn’t considered before. Due to […]

How to Cut Out Part of a Picture in Powerpoint for Office 365

While there is a tool in Windows called Paint that lets you edit pictures, many users aren’t comfortable in the application, or even know that it exists. Image editing programs like Paint are helpful for performing minor edits, such as cropping a picture. But Microsoft Powerpoint also has a cropping tool that you can use […]

Can Microsoft Word Read to You?

Microsoft Word has a ton of features, many of which are never used by a large number of users. But some of these lesser-used features are pretty interesting, including one which will have Microsoft Word read your document to you. This feature, called Read Aloud, is part of Microsoft Word by default. It can even […]

How to Insert as Text in Microsoft Outlook for Office 365

If you have a document or an HTML file that you like to use in your emails, then you are probably familiar with the “Insert as Text” option in Microsoft Outlook. This feature lets you insert the contents of a file directly into the body of an email message. If you often use a specific […]

How to Make a Thicker Bottom Border in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel displays a series of gridlines by default which let you see the boundaries of your cells. But these gridlines won’t print by default, and they may not be as pronounced, or they may not be the right color when you do set them to print. Adding borders to your cells gives you more […]

How to Add Line Numbers in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Are you working on a document with other people and finding it difficult to reference particular parts of the document? Or are you looking for a simple way to number a list of items? Microsoft Word has an option that will let it automatically number each line in the document for you. These numbers appear […]