how to draw a circle in word 2010

How to Draw a Circle in Word 2010

While Microsoft Word is primarily thought of as a document editor for text, it has a variety of different drawing tools that allow you to insert custom shapes into the document. You can even use shape fill options and format shape settings to further customize an object that you draw. Our steps below will walk … Read more

how disable work offline mode outlook 2016

How to Disable Work Offline in Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook is commonly open all the time when you rely on it for your email. Whether it’s at work or home, Outlook is a great desktop option for sending and receiving email. But it requires an Internet connection, and it has a setting that can temporarily prevent you from sending or receiving new messages. … Read more

Set the Send and Receive frequency

Change Outlook 2013 Send and Receive Frequency

Microsoft Outlook has default send/receive settings that control when it checks for new messages and sends the messages that you have created. But you may want to schedule an automatic send and receive action if it seems like it’s not occurring often enough. Fortunately you can schedule and automatic send/receive every minute in Outlook 2013 … Read more

enter address and click connect

How to Add a Gmail Account in Outlook for Office 365

You may want to add a Gmail account in Outlook for Office 365 if you are using it for work or on your personal computer. The Gmail service is popular both for individuals and businesses, as it offers a consistent, reliable service that is compatible with most devices and applications. This popularity means that using … Read more