How to Size Your Slides for Legal Paper in Powerpoint 2013

While Microsoft Powerpoint is easier to manage when you are presenting on a screen, it can typically look fine when you need to print out a slide show. But you may be wondering how to change your paper size if you are designing a printed presentation and using a non-default paper size. Printing on legal […]

How to Change the Mouse Pointer Color in Windows 10

You are likely accustomed to the white mouse pointer in Windows, and may not have given it much thought. While some Windows themes can alter the appearance of the mouse point, you might be wondering how to change the mouse color in Windows 10 without installing any weird themes. The mouse cursor that you see […]

How to Delete a Header in Excel 2013

Information in the header of a spreadsheet can include things like page numbers, you name, or the name of a report. But if that information is no longer correct, then you may need to know how to delete a header in Excel 2013. It is a very common practice to re-use spreadsheets for new purposes. […]

How to Split Full Names Into Two Cells in Excel 2013

Excel has a lot of helpful features for managing data, and many of them can save you a lot of manual work. For example, you can find out how to split full names into two different cells in Excel 2013 if you need separate cells for first and last names. Properly formatted data can make […]

How to Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 7

You can customize a lot of different things in Windows 7 by using options found on the Control Panel. But you can also customize certain areas using the right-click option. For example, you can find out how to change the size of desktop icons in Windows 7 if you would like to make those icons […]

How to Fill a Background Layer in Photoshop CS5

There are a lot of features in Adobe photoshop that can make it easier to perform certain tasks. For example, you may be wondering how to fill a background layer in Photoshop if you need a different color and don’t want to fill it in with a pen or shape tool. Most default Photoshop CS5 […]

How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel 2013

Using header rows in spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel makes it much easier to identify information. But you might be wondering how to freeze multiple rows in Excel 2013 if you have several rows at the top of the spreadsheet that you want to keep visible. Creating a row of headings to […]

How to Find and Replace Text in Word 2013

Sometimes you may use a word incorrectly, or you might use the wrong term or name. Or perhaps you have a document template and need to change a word that is repeated throughout it. These occasions are perfect situations to learn how to find and replace text in Word 2013. Microsoft Word 2013 provides you […]

How to Reduce the Size of a JPEG File in Photoshop CS5

Managing file sizes when it comes to images is important if your work is going online. Google values site speed when it ranks Web pages, and large images are a big contributing factor for that speed. Therefore you may be wondering how to reduce file size in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The ability to add layers […]

How to Remove the Page Number from the First Page in Word 2013

Page numbers are helpful for remembering where you have left off when reading, or when you need to reference something to someone else. But if you are creating a document and don’t want or need a number on the title page, then you may be wondering how to remove a page number from the first […]