how to start google chrome automatically when your computer starts

How to Start Google Chrome Automatically When Computer Starts

A lot of times when we are editing Windows startup programs it’s to speed up the process. But having your most used programs launch at startup can save you some time. One of the most commonly-used applications on your computer is probably your Web browser, so it’s helpful to have that open by default. Our … Read more

windows 10 how to change default mail app

How to Change the Default Mail App in Windows 10

Once you have configured the right set of default apps on your Windows 10 computer, you will probably forget about them. When we open specific files or try to perform certain actions, we expect the same application to open. If it’s the correct app, then we just continue with whatever we want to do. But … Read more

Clear conditional formatting from your selected cells

Remove Cell Fill Color That Will Not Go Away

There is a Fill Color button in Microsoft Excel that you can typically use to add or remove a background color from some selected cells. But you might encounter a situation where that’s not working. This is because the creator of that spreadsheet is using something called “conditional formatting” to apply the fill color. Our … Read more