save powerpoint 2013 as video

Can You Save a Powerpoint as a Video in Powerpoint 2013?

The slideshow format that is used for Powerpoint presentations is ideal for giving presentations to a group. But occasionally you may need to present that information in a different way, or you need to make it accessible to people that need to view it in a different environment. Showing a video is a comparable alternative … Read more

how to stop deleting meeting requests from inbox in outlook 2013

How to Keep Meeting Requests in Your Inbox in Outlook 2013

Meeting requests are a very useful tool in Microsoft Outlook because it bridges the gap between your calendar and your email, which are often two of the most used applications for both office workers and students. But Microsoft Outlook will typically delete these meeting requests by default which can make it difficult to find them … Read more

how to toggle case in word 2013

How to Toggle Case in Word 2013

Some of the changes that you will want to make to a Microsoft Word document can seem pretty easy to accomplish. You’ve probably already changed the font or text color of some text in your document, and you may have changed the margins or background. But if you have ever needed to use a different … Read more

formula bar is displayed

How to Unhide Formula Bar in Excel 2010

Knowing exactly what you are working on is critical in Microsoft Excel, especially when you are adjusting a formula. One way to make this a bit easier is to remove the formula bar and maximize workspace on the screen. But if you have previously hidden the formula bar and now need to unhide it, then … Read more

click the insert right button

How to Add Table Columns in Word 2010

Documents that we create in applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word are rarely perfect in the first draft. Most documents need a lot of editing or revisions before they are acceptable. This applies to more than just the content that you type in paragraphs. It can go for other documents objects as well, such … Read more

uncheck any other formatting marks that are enabled

How to Hide Formatting Marks in Word 2010

Many of the settings in Microsoft Word will only apply to the current document unless you choose to apply a setting to the default template. But there is one specific setting that can hide or show formatting marks in a document, and that setting will remain even after you close a document in Microsoft Word. … Read more