How to Duplicate a Slide in Powerpoint Online

Some slides that you create in Powerpoint Online can take a while. Getting all of the correct data and formatting in place can be tedious, so the prospect of doing it a second times, or even more times, may not be something that you are looking forward to. Fortunately you can speed this process up […]

How to Add a YouTube Video in Powerpoint Online

With visual media like a Powerpoint slideshow, the appearance of the data on your slides is important in keeping your audience engaged. One effective way to do this is with the use of video. YouTube is the best source of videos on the Internet and, fortunately, there is a built-in way to embed YouTube videos […]

How to Enable or Disable Page Ends in Word Online

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where one page ends and the next one begins when you are working in Microsoft Word. You may have found that you can switch the view type and see how your printed document will work, but there’s another option in Word Online, called Page Ends, that shows a […]

How to Remove a Worksheet Tab in Excel Online

An Excel file is called a workbook, and can contain multiple different worksheets. These different worksheets are identified by tabs that are visible at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and you can navigate between different worksheets by clicking on these tabs. Occasionally you may find that a workbook you are working on in Excel Online […]

How to Export a Calendar as a CSV File in Outlook 2013

Many popular calendar applications and services let you export your calendar as an .ics file. This type of file is compatible with many programs, including Microsoft Outlook. If you have previously exported a calendar from someplace else and added it to Outlook, then it’s very likely that it was an .ics file. But you may […]

How to Import a Google Calendar .ics File to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is a popular program for people to manage their emails and contacts for work or personal purposes. The interface is simple yet powerful and, as many Outlook users keep the application open on their computer all day, it’s helpful to put your important information, like a calendar, in that location. Fortunately Outlook […]

How to View a Google Calendar File in Excel

Google Calendar is a great app that you can use on your computer, phone, and tablet. By simply signing into your Google account on multiple devices you can manage your calendar and get alerts when you have an upcoming event. But you may wish to backup or otherwise interact with your Google Calendar in Microsoft […]

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One With Adobe Acrobat

If you have a lot of small PDF files that are all related to one another, such as multiple orders from a vendor, or a number of different reports, then you probably know that printing and sharing them can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately Adobe Acrobat has a handy utility that can combine […]

How to Lock the Screen After Inactivity in Windows 7

Locking your computer when you are away from it is an effective way to make sure that others can’t use it without knowing your password. In many corporate environments you are required to lock your computer whenever you step away from it as a security precaution, but it’s easy to forget to do it. Fortunately […]

How to Manually Change Playlist Order in the Spotify Desktop App

The playlists in the Spotify app are seemingly in a random order that can make it difficult to find the one that you want. You may have gotten accustomed to scrolling to the right spot in the list to find the playlist that you want, but this can be tedious, especially if you are scrolling […]