how to delete a picture from Google Slides

How to Delete a Picture in Google Slides

Much like a document that you edit, it’s possible that a presentation you have created in Google Slides might need some changes. This could involve adding more content, but you might also need to know how to delete a picture on Google Slides if you have added one to a slide but don’t need it … Read more

How to Convert Powerpoint to Google Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides are the two most popular slideshow applications, so it only makes sense that many users will need to work with both applications. You may be wondering how to convert Powerpoint to Google Slides if you have an existing slideshow from the Microsoft application that you would like to edit in … Read more

how to convert a google slides presentation to a pdf

How to Convert Google Slides to PDF

Documents in the portable document format (.pdf) file format can be opened by a number of different applications on a variety of popular devices. You can even upload them to Google Drive. But you may be wondering how to convert Google Slides to PDF if you need to share the document in that format. How … Read more

how to create a bullet list in google slides

How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides

Using lists to present certain types of information can be both useful and attention-grabbing, which makes them great for slideshows and presentations. So you may be wondering how to add bullet points in Google Slides if you are a user of that presentation application. Adding different elements to a presentation can make it much more … Read more

how to create a circle in google slides

How to Insert a Circle in Google Slides

The Google Slides app that is part of the Google Apps suite of programs is a strong alternative to other popular slideshow applications like Microsoft Powerpoint. It has a rich feature set that you can use to customize your slides and create a strong presentation that is both informative and looks good. Slideshow presentations that … Read more

how to delete multiple slides in google slides

How to Delete Multiple Slides in Google Slides

When you create a slideshow in an application like Google;e Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint you probably have a vision of the content that you wish to include in that slideshow. But as you are making the slides and adding content, you may find that a slide that you thought was important isn’t actually needed. If … Read more

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Google Slides – Change Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a phrase that you commonly see when investigating monitors and televisions, but it can come up with certain documents or files on your computer, too. Google Slides presentations are an example of when this is something that you need to consider, and it’s possible that you need to know how to change … Read more

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How to Insert a Google Slides Page Number

Choosing to add page numbers to a document, whether it’s a word processing file, spreadsheet, or slideshow, is a little change that can improve the experience of both you as the creator and your audience. So if you have been wanting to add page numbers to the slides of your Google Slides presentation, then you … Read more