How to Edit a Comment in Google Slides

The comment feature in Google Slides is a great way to collaborate remotely on presentations with other people.

But if you realize that you made a mistake in one of your comments, you might want to change it to better convey your ideas.

Our guide on how to edit a comment in Google Slides below will show you a quick way to modify an existing comment in one of your slideshows.

How to Comment on Google Slides – Editing

  1. Open your document.
  2. Click the three dots on the comment.
  3. Choose the Edit option.
  4. Change the comment, then click Save.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to edit a comment in Google Slides, including pictures of these steps.

Commenting systems in applications like Google Slides allow for an effective way for teams to all work on a document at the same time.

Multiple people all editing the same document can be a little unruly, so addressing those edits inside of comments instead can keep things a little more organized while also allowing everyone on the team to weigh in on edits.

But you may have created a comment about which you later changed your mind, or you might have made a typographical error that you want to fix.

Fortunately, you can also edit comments in Google Slides so that your comment is accurately expressing your opinion.

How to Change an Existing Comment in Google Slides (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed in the desktop version of Google Chrome but will work in other desktop Web browsers like Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

The steps in this guide are specifically meant to show you how to edit a comment in Google Slides, but the menu where you go to edit the slide also has a delete option if you would rather delete the comment instead.

Step 1: Sign into your Google Drive and open the Slides presentation containing the comment that you want to edit.

Step 2: Locate the desired comment in the column on the right side of the slide, then click the three dots to the right of the word Resolve.

can i fix a comment in google slides

Step 3: Choose the Edit option.

how to change a google slides comment

Step 4: Change the comment text as needed, then click the blue Save button.

how to edit a comment in google slides

Now that you know how to edit a comment in Google Slides you will be able to update any existing comments that are showing information that is incorrect, or for which you have changed your mind.

Transitions in a slide presentation are something that a team might have differing opinions about. Find out how to remove a transition from a slide in Google Slides if you have determined that you would prefer not to use one.

Presentations often coincide with documents, which have their own formatting requirements. A popular one for research papers is the hanging indent, which we discuss in the next section.

How to – Google Docs Hanging Indents

Properly formatting documents, especially research papers with numerous citations, involves using various techniques. One of these techniques is a hanging indent, a style of formatting that indents the second and following lines of a citation or paragraph while keeping the first line flush with the margin.

Fortunately, Google Docs offers users a plethora of formatting options, including the ability to create hanging indents. To create a hanging indent in Google Docs, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open your Google Doc and navigate to the section where you want to apply the hanging indent.
  2. Select the line you want to indent, whether it’s the first line of a citation or the beginning of a paragraph.
  3. From the top menu, choose “Format”.
  4. Select “Align & indent” from the dropdown list.
  5. Click on “Indentation options”.
  6. From the “Special indent” dropdown menu, choose “Hanging”.
  7. Enter the desired size of the indent in the provided box.
  8. Click “Apply” to confirm your changes.

By following these easy steps, you can create a hanging indent in your Google Doc. This formatting option adds a professional and organized look to your document, making it more readable and comprehensible. With Google Docs’ formatting options at your disposal, your research paper will be one step closer to perfection.

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