How to Allow Pop Ups in the Chrome iPhone App

Pop-ups have a bad reputation due to nefarious uses in the past, so many websites and content creators have stopped using them. Due to their potentially harmful nature, most Web browsers block pop-ups by default, so you need to go out of your way if you want to use a site that requires the use […]

How to Delete a Single Page from Your History in Chrome on an iPhone

The Chrome browser on your iPhone includes many of the features that are available in the full desktop version. one of these options is incognito mode, or private browsing, which allows you to browse Web pages without storing them in your history. But you may copy and paste a link from a different location, or […]

How to Stop Syncing Data from the Chrome Browser on an iPhone 6

The Web browsers on the iPhone are becoming easier and easier to use, and many websites have mobile-optimized versions of their site that are designed to be read on smaller screens. This has led to an increase in mobile Web browsing, so it is convenient to be able to sync the Chrome browser on your […]

How to Delete History in the iOS 9 Chrome Browser

The Web browsers that you use on your phone and computer will store information that might be useful to you later. One piece of information that a browser, like Google Chrome, will store is a list of Web pages that you have visited. This is called your browsing history, and allows you to easily return […]

How to Add a Google Chrome Browser Shortcut to the Windows 7 Desktop

The Desktop is the most important part of the navigation structure of Windows 7 for many users, so it would make sense to place a link on the Desktop that opens your favorite Web browser. Fortunately Windows 7 allows you to put shortcuts for almost any type of file or program on your Desktop. Our […]

How to Open an Incognito Tab in the Chrome iPhone App

If you use Google Chrome as the Web browser on your desktop or laptop computer, then you may already be familiar with Incognito mode. It is a browsing mode that you can enter in Chrome which keeps your Internet activity private. This means that any pages or searches you make will not be remembered or […]

How to Close All Open Tabs in the Chrome iPhone App

Tabbed browsing is a feature that is used by almost every popular Web browser that you can install on your computer, and the feature has proved to be useful on mobile browsers as well. The Chrome browser on your iPhone features tabbed browsing, and the process of closing and opening individual tabs can make for […]

How to Block Pop-Ups in Chrome on an iPhone 6

Pop-ups are an annoying feature to deal with when you are browsing the Internet. They take you away from the content you were trying to read, and they can cause you to have a lot of open Web browser windows, which can slow down your computer. Pop-ups are even worse on a mobile device, because […]

How to Find the Version Number in the iPhone Chrome App

The Google Chrome browser for desktop and laptop computers is one of the most popular browsers you can install. It is fast, and offers a number of helpful sync options with your Google Account. These sync options allow you to share your browsing activity between multiple computers and devices, simply by signing into the browser […]

How to Open a New Tab in the Chrome Browser on an iPhone

Have you ever needed to find a new Web page, but needed to reference something from a page that you were already on? Switching back and forth between those two pages could be frustrating, but fortunately tabbed browsing offers a convenient solution to this problem. Tabbed browsing is a part of most modern Web browsers, […]