how to start google chrome automatically when your computer starts

How to Start Google Chrome Automatically When Computer Starts

A lot of times when we are editing Windows startup programs it’s to speed up the process. But having your most used programs launch at startup can save you some time. One of the most commonly-used applications on your computer is probably your Web browser, so it’s helpful to have that open by default. Our … Read more

how allow pop ups in chrome iphone

How Do I Change Pop Up Blocker iPhone Settings in Chrome?

Most popular browsers have long dealt with the pop-ups that were a problem in earlier versions of the Internet. Many websites won’t use pop-ups at all anymore, but there are some specific scenarios where you might actually need content that is being displayed as a pop-up. Luckily you can change the pop-up blocker iPhone settings … Read more

how to change default font size in google chrome

How to Use a Bigger Default Font Size in Google Chrome

Depending on the size of your computer monitor or its resolution, the size of the font in Google Chrome could be tough to read. You might have experimented with different zoom options to see if that helped, but there is another option you can consider which may work better. Our tutorial below will show you … Read more

how to set google chrome as the default browser in windows 8

Changing Default Browser Windows 8 Guide

If you’ve never changed the default browser setting on your Windows laptop or desktop PC, then any links that you click are likely opening in either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. These are installed with Windows by default, and are reasonably good web browsers that many people enjoy using. But if you have a … Read more

clear cookies in chrome when you close the browser

How to Clear Cookies in Chrome When You Close the Browser

If you like to clear your history and cookies after browsing on your computer, then you might have gotten into the habit of navigating through the menu when you are finished. But if this is something that you do regularly, then you can choose the let Chrome do it for you instead. Our tutorial below … Read more

how to view recent downloads in google chrome

How to Find My Downloads History in Google Chrome

When you are browsing the Internet and finding pictures, files, or other types of documents that you need to use, most browsers make it fairly easy to download a file. But once you are done acquiring all of the files that you need, you may have trouble locating them. The “my downloads history” location can … Read more

give Chrome camera access on iPhone

How to Allow Chrome to Use Camera iPhone Guide

Occasionally a website that you are visiting might need to use your camera for something. Some of the legitimate reasons I have encountered are pharmacies that want an image of your insurance card, or a government website that needs an image of your driver’s license. But you may not be able to use this functionality … Read more