How To Change Your Download Folder in Google Chrome

The Downloads folder location is a helpful thing to know if you download any files in Google Chrome. Use these steps to change your download folder in Google Chrome. Open Chrome. Click the three dots icon. Choose Settings. Click Advanced. Select Downloads. Click the Change button. Navigate to the desired folder, then click Select folder. … Read more

how to make Chrome remember passwords in Windows 10

How to Save Passwords on Chrome in Windows 10

A good security practice is to use different passwords for different websites. Unfortunately all of these different passwords can be tough to remember. Use these steps to save passwords in Chrome on Windows 10. Open Google Chrome. Click the three dots at the top-right. Choose Settings. Select the Passwords option. Turn on the Offer to … Read more

delete browsing history

How to Delete History in the iOS 9 Chrome Browser

The Web browsers that you use on your phone and computer will store information that might be useful to you later. One piece of information that a browser, like Google Chrome, will store is a list of Web pages that you have visited. This is called your browsing history, and allows you to easily return … Read more