How to Use a Bigger Default Font Size in Google Chrome

Most of the applications that you use on your computer will have a default font size. This is meant to be the best text size for fitting a lot of information on your screen, while still making that information legible.

But you may find that the text is too small or too large, and that you would like to change it to something else. Fortunately Google Chrome has an option that lets you choose the default font size for Web pages that you view in the browser, and you have a handful of choices from which you can select. Continue below to see where to find the default font size option in Google Chrome.


How to Change the Font Size Setting in Google Chrome

The steps in this article are going to adjust the size that controls the default font size for Web pages that you visit in the Google Chrome Web browser. Note that selecting a larger font could impact the site you are visiting, and cause certain elements on the page to be displayed in a different location.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome Web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.


Step 2: Select the Customize and control Google Chrome button at the top-right of the window.

open the customize and control google chrome menu



Step 3: Choose the Settings option.

open the google chrome settings menu



Step 4: Click the Font size button in the Appearance section of the menu and choose the font size that you would like to use. Note that this will update the font size in this menu, as well as any other tab that is currently open in Google Chrome.

how to change default font size in google chrome



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