how to change default font size in google chrome

How to Use a Bigger Default Font Size in Google Chrome

Depending on the size of your computer monitor or its resolution, the size of the font in Google Chrome could be tough to read. You might have experimented with different zoom options to see if that helped, but there is another option you can consider which may work better. Our tutorial below will show you … Read more

how to set google chrome as the default browser in windows 8

Changing Default Browser Windows 8 Guide

If you’ve never changed the default browser setting on your Windows laptop or desktop PC, then any links that you click are likely opening in either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. These are installed with Windows by default, and are reasonably good web browsers that many people enjoy using. But if you have a … Read more

how to view recent downloads in google chrome

How to Find My Downloads History in Google Chrome

When you are browsing the Internet and finding pictures, files, or other types of documents that you need to use, most browsers make it fairly easy to download a file. But once you are done acquiring all of the files that you need, you may have trouble locating them. The “my downloads history” location can … Read more

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Many people are becoming more conscious of the need for different strong, and unique passwords for their online accounts. There are so many data breaches that it’s only a matter of time before a username and password combination becomes unusable. If you are concerned that you have some password overlap, or if you simply want … Read more

Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored

Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

Depending on how you use your favorite Windows Web browser, the information about your bookmarks or favorites can be really important. Many of us that incorporate bookmarks into our Web browsing do so because we don’t want to have to search for or type a phrase anytime we want to see a page. This can … Read more

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How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

While you can quickly familiarize yourself with Google Chrome and learn how to do things like open private windows or create bookmarks, you might eventually run into some problems that you need to fix. One particularly bothersome issue occurs when everything seems to be lagging, making it difficult to interact with websites. Luckily there is … Read more

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How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

A common solution when you are having problems with an application is to reinstall or reset that application. Google Chrome is probably one of the most used applications on your computer if it’s your default browser, so you may find yourself troubleshooting it pretty heavily if you are having a problem. Our tutorial below will … Read more