How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome

The bookmarks in your Chrome browser can be a very important component of how you use the Internet. Use these steps to export bookmarks from Chrome. Click the three dots at the top-right. Choose Bookmarks, then Bookmark manager. Click the three dots at the top-right and choose Export bookmarks. Choose a location for the exported […]

How to Remove Chrome Extensions

The steps in this article were performed in the desktop version of the Google Chrome Web browser, on a laptop running the Windows 10 operating system. The Google Chrome Web browser is one of the most popular choices for browsing the Internet on computers and mobile devices. It’s fast and easy to use. While you […]

Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

The steps in this article are going to show you how to locate the file that contains all of your Google Chrome bookmarks. The bookmarks file that we are locating in this guide is an unusual file type. If you wish to open it, you will probably need to view it with Notepad. In order […]

How to Import Bookmarks to Chrome from Edge

When you first started using Windows 10, it’s likely that you also used the Microsoft Edge browser that is included with it and set as your default browser. Edge is a good browser that’s very fast, but you may be more comfortable using a third-party option like Google Chrome. But if you created some bookmarks […]

How to Run the Google Chrome Malware Checker in Windows 10

Malware can come from a number of different places, and the protection software that you have on your computer may not be able to find all of it. That’s why it can be helpful to use additional tools to scan your computer periodically. One of these tools is found in the Google Chrome Web browser […]

How Do I Do Private Browsing in Chrome in Windows 10?

Almost every Web browser that you use on your computer or your smartphone has some type of private browsing mode. Unfortunately most of them have their own name for this feature so, if you are coming to Chrome from a different Web browser, then you might be struggling to locate the option that lets you […]

How to See Recent Downloads in Google Chrome

When you find a picture or document on the Internet that you want to save or edit, you need to download it in your Web browser. This can be accomplished by either clicking a dedicated download link, or right-clicking on the item and choosing the download option. The downloaded file will be saved to your […]

How to Change the Theme in Google Chrome

Have you ever used someone else’s computer, and their Google Chrome looked different than yours? Or do you enjoy customizing the appearance of things on your computer and are looking for a different style? The Google Chrome Web Store includes some different themes that you can install to change the way Chrome looks. Our tutorial […]

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website from Google Chrome

There are several ways to make websites more accessible in Google Chrome. Whether you save them as bookmarks or favorites, or you like to navigate from your history, you can often get to a site faster than searching for it or fully typing the address of the site. Another option is to create a desktop […]

How to Continue Where You Left Off in Google Chrome

When Google Chrome opens, it is probably either opening to a specific page, or it is opening to a new tab. These are two of the various startup options for the app, and are good choice if you like to start your browsing session from a clean slate, or if you like to open to […]