Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

The steps in this article are going to show you how to locate the file that contains all of your Google Chrome bookmarks.

  • The bookmarks file that we are locating in this guide is an unusual file type. If you wish to open it, you will probably need to view it with Notepad.
  • In order to access the file where your Google Chrome bookmarks are stored, you will need to be able to view hidden files and folders. We show how to do this at the end of the article.
  • The file path for the bookmarks file is “C:\Users\(YourUserName)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default“, just replace the (YourUserName) part of the path with your username on your computer.
  1. Click the folder icon in your taskbar.
  2. Select This PC at the left side of the window.
  3. Double-click on your C drive.
  4. Double-click the Users folder.
  5. Double-click your username.
  6. Double-click the AppData folder.
  7. Double-click the Local folder.
  8. Double-click the Google folder.
  9. Double-click the Chrome folder.
  10. Double-click the User Data folder.
  11. Double-click the Default folder.
  12. Scroll down to find the Bookmarks file.

When you use the Google Chrome Web browser on your Windows 10 computer it creates a number of files and folders.

One of the files that it creates is called “Bookmarks” and it stores information about the bookmarks that you create.

Our guide below is going to show you how to locate this folder on your computer so that you can view, edit, or modify that file as necessary.

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How to Find Your Google Chrome Bookmarks File in Windows 10

The steps in this article were performed on a Windows 10 laptop, with the most current version of the Google Chrome Web browser that was available when this article was written.

If you are intending to modify or delete the Bookmarks file, be sure to close Google Chrome before you start this process.

Step 1: Click the folder icon in the taskbar to open the File Explorer.

open File Explorer

Step 2: Select the This PC option at the left side of the window.

Step 3: Double-click your C drive, double-click the Users folder, then double-click your username.

Step 4: Open the AppData folder. If you don’t see it, then follow the steps in the section below to show hidden files and folders.

Step 5: Double-click the Local folder, double-click the Google folder, double-click the Chrome folder, then double-click the User Data folder.

Step 6: Double-click the Default folder, then scroll down to locate the Bookmarks file.

where are Google Chrome bookmarks stored?

You can then right-click on the on the Bookmarks file, choose Open with, then select Notepad to view your bookmarks data.

How to Show Hidden Files in Windows 10

If you don’t see the AppData folder in the steps above then that means some of your files and folders are hidden. Our guide below will show you how to make them visible.

Step 1: Click the folder icon in the taskbar.

Step 2: Select the View tab at the top of the window.

select the View tab

Step 3: Check the box to the left of Hidden items in the ribbon.

how to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10

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