Google Docs mobile how to change text color

How to Change Text Color – Google Docs Mobile

When you are formatting in Google Docs, how to change certain settings like the font style or font size is a useful thing to know. While you might change the font with some frequency, depending on the requirements of your school or organization, it’s possible that you won’t need to change the text color very … Read more

select all of the days

How to Set Daily Alarm on iPhone

Since many people have their phones near them all them time, even when they are asleep, it’s only natural to use the device for whatever tasks it can perform. I, like many other people, charge my iPhone on my nightstand, which is a location that lends itself well as an alarm clock replacement. I do … Read more

how to turn on Low Data Mode on an iPhone

How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on an iPhone 11

Managing cellular data usage on an iPhone is a concern for many device owners. While you can do things like actively avoiding video streaming or playing games when on a cellular network, you can also use settings like low data mode to help you. But if you have turned it on and found that it … Read more

how to do a team leader battle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – Battle Team Leader Guide

The Pokemon Go mobile game has added a lot of new features since its release in 2016, including some different options for battling. Many of these different battle options will pit you against other players, but there is one option where you can battle the Pokemon Go team leaders, which are controlled by the game. … Read more

spotlight search when open

How to Search iPhone 6

While you may be very familiar with finding the things you need on your iPhone, whether it’s files, emails, or apps, adding more content can increase the difficulty. Fortunately your iPhone has an awesome search feature called Spotlight Search that makes things a lot easier. We will show you how to search your iPhone 6 … Read more