how to find saved passwords on an iPhone 11

How to Find Passwords on iPhone 11

The steps in this article are going to show you how to find saved passwords on an iPhone 11. The saved passwords on your iPhone are ones that you’ve entered for various websites that you have visited on the device. They won’t update if you have changed them on another non-iOS device or in some … Read more

How to Factory Reset iPhone 11

It’s fairly common to update your iPhone every few years as new models are released with additional features and better performance. But when you get a new iPhone you need to figure out what to do with the old one, and you probably want to factory reset it to remove your personal information. You may … Read more

how to clear history - Microsoft Edge iPhone

What is Edge on iPhone?

Your iPhone is home to a fantastic marketplace of apps that you can download from the App Store and install on the device. Some of these apps provide completely new functionality, while others provide an alternative to the default apps on the device. The default Web browser on the iPhone is Safari, and it’s likely … Read more

select your app from the search results

How to Find Installed Apps on iPhone

Once you discover the benefit of all of the excellent apps available in Apple’s App Store, it’s easy to start downloading any app that you think could be interesting. Eventually, however, this can lead to multiple pages of app icons on your device that do not seem to be in any discernible order. Fortunately, you … Read more

select the app to delete

iPhone 8 Uninstall App Guide

Installing apps on an iPhone is one of the more fun and useful things you can do on the device. But you may be wondering how to delete apps on an iPhone 8 if you have some that you don’t like or aren’t using anymore. There are an incredible number of apps available in the … Read more

How Do I View My Amazon Wish List on My iPhone?

The steps in this guide will show you how to find and look at your Amazon wish list on your iPhone. Open the Amazon app. Touch the Account tab. Select the Your Lists option. Tap your wish list. The Amazon wish list, which you can view on your computer or mobile browser here, provides a … Read more

how to use Google Calendar on an iPhone

Is There an iPhone Calendar Google Alternative?

If you have a free Google account, or you use Google Workspace for your own business or at your place of employment, then you may really like Google Calendar. It’s one of the more popular Google Apps that you can use, right alongside things like Google Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Sheets. Being able … Read more

turn off cellular data for music app

10 Ways to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on an iPhone

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the dominant place where people browse the Internet, connect through social media, and listen to music or watch videos. Using a smartphone has never been easier, as the capable keyboard lets you type comfortably and format your text in a variety of ways (such as if you want to type … Read more