comparison of regular and bold iPhone text

How to Bold Text on iPhone 6

There are a number of ways to format your iPhone experience by adjusting some of the settings on the device. Whether you want to make it easier to hear audio, touch the screen, or read what you are looking at, there are options to be found in places like the Accessibility menu or the Display … Read more

open the app

How to Download Apps in iPhone 6

You can do a lot of things with your iPhone when you first get it. Texting, calling, customizing, Web browsing, and a host of other options are available to your before you even start adding new content. But you may be wondering how to download apps in iPhone 6 environments if you are ready to … Read more

change personal hotspot name in ios 9

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

If you’ve ever needed to get online with a laptop or tablet when you weren’t on WiFi, then you have probably found about about the personal hotspot. It creates a wireless network and lets your other devices connect to the Internet through your iPhone. But you might be wondering how to change the hotspot name … Read more