How to Make Your iPhone Flash When You Get a Text

The Messages menu for iPhone notifications allows you to configure badges, alerts, banners, and more. But one option it does not contain involves the use of the camera flash to alert you to new text messages. You may have seen other people utilizing this type of notification, only to go to the place where it should logically be, and not be able to find it.

Don’t worry, you weren’t hallucinating when you saw someone else using a flash to alert them to new text messages. But the setting for that notification is found on the Accessibility menu instead. Our guide below will show you where to find it so that you too can start using that type of message notification.


Here is how to make your iPhone 6 flash when you get a text message –

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Open the General menu.
  3. Select the Accessibility option.
  4. Scroll down and turn on the LED Flash for Alerts option.

These steps are repeated below with pictures –

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

open settings



Step 2: Tap the General button.

open general



Step 3: Tap the Accessibility option.

open accessibility



Step 4: Scroll down a bit to the Hearing section of the menu, then tap the button to the right of LED Flash for Alerts. This setting is turned on when the shading around the button is green. it is turned on in the picture below.

make iphone flash when you get a text



Note that this can be very distracting if you are someplace where it is dark, such as a movie theater. If you use this type of notification, then it is best to either turn it off in situations where it might distract others, or keep it in a bag or pocket.

Just because you are using the flash notification on your iPhone for text messages doesn’t mean that you can’t use the other text message notifications, too. Learn how to customize those other notifications, such as if you only want to receive a text message notification once, instead of having it repeat several times. newsletter

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