turn off low power mode

Why Is My iPhone Battery Icon Yellow?

The icons and status indicators at the top of your iPhone screen can tell you a lot of important information, provided that you know what everything means. So you may be wondering why your iPhone battery icon is yellow if you are used to it being a different color. You are probably familiar with the … Read more

remove the crescent moon icon next to text message

Why Is There a Crescent Moon Next to a Text Message in iOS 9?

Some text message conversations on your iPhone are going to be more active than others. This is particularly noticeable in group messages with multiple people. But you may be wondering why there is a moon next to a text message on your iPhone, especially if you aren’t getting any notifications for those conversations. There are … Read more

delete contact picture

How to Delete a Contact Picture on an iPhone 6

Setting up your contacts is an important thing to do on your iPhone, especially if you want to take advantage of contact-specific settings like blocking unknown callers. But if you have previously added a picture to a contact you might be wondering how to delete that contact picture from your iPhone. When you associate a … Read more

turn off location services on iphone 6

How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPhone 6

You might be wondering where to find Location Services on your iPhone if you have ever seen the little arrow icon at the top of your iPhone screen and wondered why it was appearing. That arrow indicates that an app on your iPhone is currently, or was recently, using the Location Services feature on your … Read more

why iphone battery icon switches from black to white

Why Does My iPhone Battery Icon Switch from Black to White?

While some of the battery colors on your iPhone indicate various devices statuses, others are merely cosmetic. For example, your iPhone battery icon can switch from black to white depending on the background color. The battery icon at the top-right corner of your iPhone screen provides a visual indication of the amount of battery life … Read more

how to activate caps lock on an iphone

How to Put Your iPhone Keyboard in All Caps

Typing in all capital letters in a document or digital communication is typically understood to represent shouting. For this reason, many people will avoid typing in all capital letters entirely. However, certain situations will warrant typing in all capital letters, especially when communicating via text message. You may have found that you can type a … Read more

what is international cdma on the iPhone

What Is International CDMA on the iPhone?

There are many different cellular settings on your iPhone 5 that can affect the way that you use data on different networks. One of these options is found deep within the Cellular menu of the Settings app, and it is called “International CDMA.” The International CDMA option can allow you to connect to CDMA wireless … Read more