turn on personal hotspot

How to Share Internet from iPhone

If you’ve noticed the Personal Hotspot option on your Settings menu, or if you’re curious about the iPhone hotspot password, then you might have begun looking into what it means. It’s a really useful feature if you have other devices, so find out more below about how to share Internet from iPhone devices. How to … Read more

where is iphone 6 hotspot password

What Is My iPhone Hotspot Password on My iPhone 6?

If you’ve ever been scrolling through your iPhone’s settings menu, it’s very possible that you have found the Personal Hotspot menu, then opened it to see that there was a setting for an iPhone hotspot password. if you haven’t used this before, then you may be wondering what is my hotspot password? What’s My Hotspot … Read more

remove the crescent moon icon next to text message

Why Is There a Moon Next to My Text Message on an iPhone? (or a Bell in Newer Versions of iOS)

Some text message conversations on your iPhone are going to be more active than others. This is particularly noticeable in group messages with multiple people. But you may be wondering why there is a moon next to a text message on your iPhone, especially if you aren’t getting any notifications for those conversations. There are … Read more

comparison of regular and bold iPhone text

How to Bold Text on iPhone 6

There are a number of ways to format your iPhone experience by adjusting some of the settings on the device. Whether you want to make it easier to hear audio, touch the screen, or read what you are looking at, there are options to be found in places like the Accessibility menu or the Display … Read more