enable iphone photo stream

How to Transfer Pictures Between iPhone and iPad Using iCloud

One of the best reasons to use only Apple products is the simple integration that you gain access to because of their integrated environment. Whether it involves the ability to access all of your purchases made in iTunes across all of your devices, or easily backing up all of your data through iTunes, Apple has … Read more

change iCloud settings for the options listed

How to Change iCloud Settings

the iCloud service that’s part of your Appel ID provides you with a lot o useful settings. But if you need to change some of them, you may not know how. Our tutorial below will show you how to use a Windows application to manage and change your iCloud device settings. How to Use Different … Read more

enter your Apple ID to configure iCloud on a Windows PC

Configure iCloud on a Windows PC

Using the cloud to back up your files is a smart way to ensure that important files, such as documents and pictures, are not lost in the event of hard drive crash or a laptop theft. More and more companies are getting into the cloud storage business and existing companies, like Apple, have provided excellent … Read more