how to delete skydrive from the iPhone

How to Uninstall SkyDrive on the iPhone

Microsoft’s SkyDrive service allows you to store files in the cloud, which you can then access from nearly any device with an Internet connection. This makes it a simple process to share files between different computers, phones or tablets. There is even a dedicated SkyDrive app for your iPhone, which provides a simple way to … Read more

how to access skydrive from desktop

How to Access SkyDrive from Desktop

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service rivals the offerings available from both Dropbox and Google Drive. You can upload files to your SkyDrive account either through a browser, or through the SkyDrive for Windows app that you can download to your computer. If you have followed the instructions in this article to download and install the … Read more

how to unlink a skydrive local folder

How to Unlink a Local SkyDrive Folder

When you downloaded and installed the SkyDrive for Windows app, you linked the folder on your computer with your online SkyDrive account. If you need a reminder, you likely used a process similar to the one found on this page. But while this setup does have a considerable number of advantages, there may come a … Read more

how to upload multiple files to skydrive

How to Upload Multiple Files to SkyDrive

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage application offers you different options for uploading files from your PC to the service. You may have previously read instructions about uploading folders to SkyDrive, which will install a local SkyDrive folder on your computer that syncs with your SkyDrive account, or you can use the browser uploader to add files … Read more

how to uninstall skydrive

How to Uninstall SkyDrive

Your Microsoft SkyDrive online cloud storage account includes a feature called SkyDrive for Windows that will install a local folder on your Windows 7 computer. If you have followed the instructions at this link┬áto install the application on your computer, then you are aware that it will create a local folder that automatically syncs online … Read more

configure the fetch files setting in skydrive

Configure the Fetch Files Setting in SkyDrive

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service is a good solution for storing your files remotely. It has a free option with a lot of storage space, and the browser interface is very easy to use. But if you have encountered the SkyDrive for Windows app before, and followed the instructions in this tutorial to install it … Read more