How to Change SkyDrive Sharing Permissions

If you have emailed someone a link to a file that is stored in your SkyDrive account, such as through the instructions in this article, then you have created a permission for that person to access that file in your SkyDrive account.

That permission will remain intact until you remove it, so your recipient will be able to access the file until you remove the permission or delete the file.

If you want to keep the file in your SkyDrive account, but no longer want to share the file with previously approved recipients, then you can change SkyDrive sharing permissions for anyone with access to one of your SkyDrive files.

Edit or Remove Permissions for a SkyDrive File

Fortunately you have almost complete control over the permissions allotted to each person that can share one of your SkyDrive files, so it is possible to selectively remove permissions for files that are shared to multiple individuals.

This is a great feature for situations where you have given permissions to a person that no longer works with you, or should not have access to a file anymore.

1. Begin the process of changing SkyDrive permissions by navigating to your SkyDrive account at

2. Type your SkyDrive account email address and password into their respective fields at the right side of the window, then click the Sign In button.

3. Check the box to the left of the file in your SkyDrive account for which you want to change the permissions.

4. Click the X to the right of the name of the person whose permissions you want to remove for viewing of that file, or click the drop-down menu under their name to change permissions to that file to Can view or Can edit.

how to change skydrive sharing permissions

Now that you know how to change SkyDrive sharing permissions, you can take more control over the way that files are shared from the cloud storage service.

Note that you will not receive any prompt to confirm that you want to make this adjustment, so verify that you are intent on removing or changing their permissions before you complete the action.

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