How to Change the Zoom Level in Google Docs

Many of the productivity applications that you use on your computer will have a default zoom level of 100%. Depending on how far away from the monitor you sit, or how good or poor your vision is, that zoom level might be inadequate. So if you find that the words on your screen are either […]

How to Stop Automatically Capitalizing Words in Google Docs

Capitalization in Google Docs occurs the same way that is does in many other programs. You can press the Caps Lock key and make everything capital, or you can hold the Shift key as you type a letter. But you might find that Google Docs capitalizes some letters on its own, so you may be […]

How to Exit Full Screen in Mozilla Firefox

Many apps, including popular Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, have an option that lets you enter full screen mode. This allows the browser to take up the full size of your monitor, thereby making your Web pages larger and easier to read, while also minimizing distractions from other applications. But you may be wondering how […]

How to Embed Google Sheets in WordPress

Adding media content to your website is a great way to give your readers additional information and resources. But if you are using Google Docs or Google Sheets data, then you may want to embed that content to your WordPress site in a post or page. While much of the media that you might embed […]

How to Set Google Docs Table Row Height

When you create a new table in Google Docs, that table is going to have default values for its column and width size. Typically the height of the row will be ideal for a single line of text. But you may need to know how to set Google Docs table row height if you want […]

How to Download a Google Sheet as an Excel File

While many schools and organization choose to use Google Sheets for creating and editing spreadsheets, you are still likely to encounter Microsoft Excel, meaning that you might need a way to turn a Google spreadsheet into an Excel file. Fortunately there is a way in Google Sheets to convert to the Excel file format. Google […]

How to Put a Line Between Columns in Google Docs

Google Docs has a lot of different settings and options that let you format a document. You may have already figured out how to add a horizontal line in Google Docs if you want to include some separation between paragraphs, but you might be wondering how to insert a vertical line in Google Docs if […]

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

A standard cell layout in Google Sheets is going to include a series of rows and columns that contain one cell in each column for each row. But if you need a cell that spans several rows or columns at once, then you may be wondering how to merge cells in Google Sheets. There are […]

How to Copy Formatting in Google Docs

If you have spent a lot of time getting text in part of your document to look the way you want, then you might have wondered if it was possible to copy the format you created and paste it to a different selection in the document. Fortunately you can do achieve this if you select […]

How to Find and Replace in Google Docs

If you’ve made the same mistake in a document over and over, such as mistyping an email address or some other word or phrase, then fixing that incorrect text can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately there’s a tool that lets you find and replace in Google Docs which can really expedite this process. […]