How to Rotate a Picture in Google Docs

After you add a picture to a document in Google Docs, there are several ways you can modify it. Use these steps to rotate a picture in Google Docs. Sign into Google Drive and open the Docs file. Click on the picture to rotate. Click and hold on the circular handle at the top of […]

How to Make a Header Row in Google Sheets

Creating a header row in Google Sheets makes it much simpler to identify the information contained within a column. You can also choose to keep that header row visible at the top of the spreadsheet as you scroll. Use these steps to make a header row in Google Sheets. Open your Google Sheets file. Add […]

How to Change the Scale of a Text Box in Google Slides

When you add a new text box in Google Slides you can draw the text box to determine its initial size. While this can be helpful if you have a general idea of how large you want the box to be, it can be difficult to work with when you need it to be an […]

How to See if IMAP is Enabled or Disabled in Your Gmail Account

Google’s free email service, Gmail, is one of the best ways for most people to send and receive emails. Signing up simply requires you to create a Google account, then you can navigate to Gmail and begin using your new email services immediately. One of the first things you may want to do after creating […]

How to Remove a Google Docs Page Break

If you’ve ever needed to end a page in a document before it was full of content, then you may have tried a couple of different things. The first solution that many document creators will use is to simply press the Enter key a bunch of times and keep adding new lines until they reach […]

How to Change the Font on All Slides in Google Slides

One convenient element of working in Google Slides is the ability to have a consistent layout structure across each of your slides. This helps to make the presentation look more professional, and it provides a level of predictability to makes content editing a little easier. But after you have worked with some of your slides, […]

How to Enable the Unread Message Icon in Gmail

Your Gmail account has a lot of different customization options. Some of these options let you do things like adjust the way your email is displayed or change the application’s behavior, while others provide some cosmetic adjustments. One such adjustment involves the display of the Gmail icon in your browser tab. Typically there is just […]

How to Hide the Meet Section in Gmail on a Laptop or Desktop

Gmail is constantly adding new features to their free email service, many of which incorporate new ways that you can communicate with your contacts. One of these features is called “Meet” and it allows you to start or join a video meeting right from your inbox. If you often use Gmail’s Meet feature, then this […]

How to Change the Default Normal Text Font in Google Docs

When you start typing text into a Google Docs document, it will use whatever your default font is. If you’ve never changed this before, then it’s likely the Arial font. But if you are changing the font every time you create a document, you might prefer to use something else. Google Docs uses a system […]

How to Move Numbers to the Left Side of the Cell in Google Sheets

When you start typing numbers into a cell in Google Sheets, that data will appear at the right side of the cell by default. This setting is called alignment, and its the way that Google Sheets and other spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel handle the way that your information is displayed in your cells. But […]