How to Send an Evernote Note as an Email

Evernote is an online service where you can write and store notes. They have apps for most popular mobile devices, and updating a note on one device will update it on all of them, as your data is stored on Evernote’s servers. But Evernote is more than just a way for you to view, edit […]

How to Reopen a Closed Tab in Google Chrome

Since tabbed browsing became a requirement with the major browsers, it has revolutionized the way that people browse the Internet. Instead of running multiple windows that each had a Web page, you could open one window that had multiple Web pages open inside of it. This simplified the way that people moved between open Web […]

How to Do Private Browsing in Firefox

A regular browsing session in Firefox is going to result in the accumulation of a lot of data. Depending upon the security settings that you have set, you might be recording each of the Web pages you visit, any cookies that those pages downloaded to your computer, as well as any password or form data […]

How to Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Last updated: January 25, 2017 It’s very easy to find yourself with an overwhelming amount of bookmarks, which can leave you wondering how to delete bookmarks on the Chrome Web browser.¬†Bookmarks in Google Chrome are a terrific tool for keeping a record of good websites or Web pages that you want to be able to […]

How to Change SkyDrive Sharing Permissions

If you have emailed someone a link to a file that is stored in your SkyDrive account, such as through the instructions in this article, then you have created a permission for that person to access that file in your SkyDrive account. That permission will remain intact until you remove it, so your recipient will […]

How to Send a File Bigger Than 25 MB in Hotmail

It is becoming increasingly more necessary for the average person to be able to share files that are larger than 25 MB in size. Unfortunately, most email providers will not allow you to do this and, even if they do, you still need to count on your recipient being able to receive the file. This […]

How to Clear the Download History in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is designed and set up with the intention of making the user experience as simple as possible. This means making it easy to access important tools and configuration options, and making those options easy to understand. It also means keeping records of sites that you have visited and files that you have downloaded […]

Organizing Bookmarks in Google Chrome

It is very easy to accidentally start over-bookmarking in the Google Chrome browser. You visit a ton of different sites and, especially if you go off on a tangent, you worry that you might not be able to find a particular page again. So you create a bookmark for the page, which will allow you […]

How to Use the Evernote Web Clipper in Google Chrome

Evernote is an online note-taking utility that you can use to save notes and ideas in the cloud. You can access your Evernote account across a number of different devices, and you can create notebooks inside your account to organize your information. However, Evernote has another function that is also really cool. You can install […]

How to Find Files Downloaded from Google Chrome

If you do not download files in Google Chrome with regularity, and you are used to downloading files in a different Web browser, then you might have trouble locating a downloaded file if you do not open ¬†it right away. Google Chrome displays in-progress and completed downloads in a horizontal pop-up window at the bottom […]