how to set Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 7

How to Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser in Windows 7

Setting the default applications in Microsoft Windows is important if you have more than one program on your computer that can handle certain types of actions. Multiple Web browsers on one computer is very common, and all of them want to be the default browser. So if Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or something else is … Read more

where is internet explorer in windows 10

Where is Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser was long the default browser for Windows operating system, but it was replaced by something in Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge. Edge is a good, fast browser, but some people might miss the comfort of Internet Explorer that has been with them for years. Fortunately Internet Explorer is still in Windows … Read more

how to add a website to compatibility mode in internet explorer 11

How to Add a Website to Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11

Many companies that design business-to-business websites invest a considerable amount of resources into doing so. If that website was created a while ago, however, then you may find that it isn’t displaying properly in modern Web browsers. This can be especially problematic if you are using that site for a specific reason, and are unable … Read more