where is internet explorer in windows 10

Where is Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

The Internet Explorer Web browser was a big part of Internet browsing and Windows operating systems for years, so many people that had become comfortable with it might not have been ready for Microsoft Edge. But Internet explorer isn’t gone completely, and you can still use it on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer … Read more

how to set Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 7

How to Change Default Browser Windows 7 Guide

Setting the default applications in Microsoft Windows is important if you have more than one program on your computer that can handle certain types of actions. Therefore, if you want to use a new browser, then you may need to read the steps in our how to change default browser Windows 7 guide. Having multiple … Read more

check passwords, then click delete

How to Delete All Stored Passwords in Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Storing passwords for your favorite websites in your Web browser is a convenient feature that can save you some hassle on your personal computer. But if you save your password into Internet Explorer on a public or shared computer, then anyone with access to that computer could log into your account for that website. If … Read more