How to Lock the Screen After Inactivity in Windows 7

Locking your computer when you are away from it is an effective way to make sure that others can’t use it without knowing your password. In many corporate environments you are required to lock your computer whenever you step away from it as a security precaution, but it’s easy to forget to do it. Fortunately […]

How to Change a Printer Name in Windows 7

It’s possible that you have more than one printer¬†installed on or connected to your computer. If you have ever gotten a new computer, or used your computer in a different place, then you may have had reason to print to a different computer. Windows will not delete that printer when it is no longer visible […]

How to Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 7

The desktop icons on your Windows 7 computer provide a convenient way to access your programs, files, and folders. But those icons can vary is size, and you might find that the current setting on your computer is either too big or too small for your liking. Fortunately this is a setting in the operating […]

How to Restore Items from the Windows 7 Recycle Bin

Many of the files that you delete in Windows 7 aren’t actually removed from your computer. Some files are deleted permanently, such as very large files, but Windows will alert you that it needs to permanently delete files in those situations. Deleted files¬†are sent to a location called the Recycle Bin. This behavior serves as […]

How to Start the Print Spooler in Windows 7

While there are a lot of different issues that can come up when you try to print a document from your computer, one that you might often take for granted is the communication between your computer and your printer. Much of this interaction is handled by a service called the Print Spooler. But if you […]

How to Open A Desktop Shortcut in Your Non-Default Browser in Windows 7

The default browser on my main computer is Google Chrome, as I generally prefer to use that browser. But occasionally a certain site will work or look better in a different browser. This happens a lot with older Web apps that were specifically designed to work in Internet Explorer, and might be problematic when you […]

How to Hide File Extensions in Windows 7

File names are very important when you are browsing your computer and looking for something in particular. When you couple this with some shortcuts to rename files, you can create a Windows 7 environment that is very organized. But changing the name of a file can be more difficult, or potentially harmful, when the file […]

How to Rotate a Desktop Background Picture in Windows 7

There are several changes that many Windows 7 users will make to personalize their computers, and one of those is changing the background picture. You can use almost any image in that location, and it’s possible that you will use one from your own picture archive. But pictures taken with cell phones or digital camera […]

How to Stop HTML Files from Opening in Notepad in Windows 7

There are a number of different file types that you can view in Web browsers, and different websites employ different file types based upon the way that the website is structured. One of the more common file types used for Web pages is a .html file. These types of files typically use various tags and […]

How to Display a Keyboard on the Screen in Windows 7

If you ever encounter a broken keyboard, then you might think that you are out of options for entering letters, numbers, or symbols into programs until you have acquired another working keyboard. Luckily Windows 7 has an on-screen keyboard that can be used in place of a physical keyboard. Our guide below will show you […]