How Do I Change My Printer from Offline to Online in Windows 7

Printers can be frustrating when they are not working correctly, due largely to the fact that errors can occur for seemingly no reason. One issue that you might encounter is Windows 7 not being able to connect to your printer to send documents that you want to print. Further investigation into the issue might lead […]

How to Find the AppData Folder in Windows 7

Many online troubleshooting guides for Windows 7 and applications installed in Windows 7 include steps that ask you to find the AppData folder so that you can edit, copy, or delete files found within that folder. If you are looking for data in Windows 7 that is being stored inside of the AppData folder, you […]

How to Create a Zip File in Windows 7

Folders are a very helpful organizational tool in Windows 7. They allow you to minimize clutter in larger folders by creating a sort of filing system. But creating a folder doesn’t do anything to minimize the size of the files contained within them, and you can’t send an entire folder through an email. This is […]

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut for a Website in Windows 7

Everyone uses their computer in a different way, so certain options and settings in Windows 7 may not appeal to every user. For example, some people are happy to create bookmarks and other ways to conveniently access their favorite sites, while other people prefer to create desktop shortcuts that they can double-click to open in […]

Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in Windows 7

It’s pretty common for people to prefer and install third-party Web browsers like Firefox or Chrome. Use these steps to set Google Chrome as the default Web browser in Windows 7. Click the Start button at the bottom-left of the screen. Select Default Programs from the right column. Click the Set your default programs button. […]

Change the Windows 7 List Separator

Windows 7 has a default list separator that can affect certain files you create and edit on your computer, such as .csv files. Use these steps to change the Windows 7 list separator. Click the Start button. Choose Control Panel. Select Change Display Language. Click the Formats tab. Click the Additional Settings button. Enter the […]

How to Delete a Font in Windows 7

Adding fonts in Microsoft Windows gives you an effective way to acquire the fonts that you need to use in your documents or design programs. But if you have too many fonts, then you might need to uninstall some. Use these steps to delete a font in Windows 7. Click the Start button. Select the […]

How to Change the Default Windows Explorer Folder in Windows 7

Clicking on the folder icon in your taskbar is going to open Windows Explorer so that you can browse for files. Use these steps to change the default folder in Windows 7. Navigate to the folder to use as the Windows Explorer default. Right-click the folder and choose Properties. Highlight the file path at the […]

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 7

The files that you have on your computer all have a different file type. Use these steps to show file extensions in Windows 7. Open Windows Explorer. Click Organize. Click Folder and search options. Select the View tab. Remove the check mark next to Hide Extensions For Known File Types. Click Apply, then OK. Our […]

How to Switch to Portrait Orientation in Windows 7

In a traditional setup your monitor is displayed in the landscape orientation, where the bottom and top edges of the screen are longer than the sides. But your situation might dictate that a portrait orientation would be better, so you might be wondering if that’s possible. Fortunately Windows 7 can be modified to display your […]