How to Create a Zip File in Windows 10

In earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, it used to be difficult to compress or decompress files. Since file compression has become much more important, Windows has improved the process that you need to follow when you want to know how or create a zip file in Windows 10. It’s now something that … Read more

how to enable tablet mode in windows 10

How to Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Some laptops focus a lot of their marketing on the convertible aspect of the laptop, if it’s one of the models that can easily switch between two different modes. But if you have switched your laptop so that you need to use the touchscreen, you may be wondering how to enable tablet mode in Windows … Read more

How to Stop Taskbar from Hiding in Windows 10

The horizontal bar at the bottom of Windows 10 is called the taskbar. This is where you can see the programs that are open, plus some shortcuts to various files and applications. But it’s possible for that taskbar to disappear occasionally, so you may be wondering how to stop taskbar from hiding in Windows 10. … Read more

how to get printer online in Windows 10

How to Get Printer Online – Windows 10

If you’re used to working with printers frequently, you have probably faced situations where your machine is ready to print, but the printer status on your Windows 10 is showing offline. This can happen due to minor network connectivity issues, poor printer connection, paper jams, or other problems.  Whatever the reason is, you should know … Read more