how to view recent downloads in google chrome

How to Find My Downloads History in Google Chrome

When you are browsing the Internet and finding pictures, files, or other types of documents that you need to use, most browsers make it fairly easy to download a file. But once you are done acquiring all of the files that you need, you may have trouble locating them. The “my downloads history” location can … Read more

how to download an entire folder in Google Drive

How to Download an Entire Folder in Google Drive

Putting files into your Google Drive cloud storage is a great way to keep copies of those files in a convenient location. You might have even started organizing those files into folders to make them easier to find. Our tutorial below will show you a quick way to download a folder from your Google Drive … Read more

how download as picture google slides

How to Save a Slide from Google Slides as a Picture

If you’ve ever created a slide in Google Slides that you wanted to use as an image in another presentation or document, then you may have wondered how to save Google Slides as images. Creating a slide in Google Slides presents you with the ability to add images, text, and other elements, along with speaker … Read more

how to save a google slides file for powerpoint

How to Download a Google Slides Presentation as a Powerpoint File

The Google Slides app that is available to individuals with Google Accounts provides a lot of ways for you to customize a slide, create a template, apply themes, and edit your presentations in a variety of ways. But you may wonder how to download a Google Slides file in the Powerpoint format if you would … Read more