How to Change the Style of the English Keyboard on an iPhone 5

The default keyboard layout for most English keyboards is called QWERTY, which is in reference to the first five letters in the top row on the keyboard. Your iPhone will use this layout by default, and many people prefer to leave that setting, as it is the one with which they are familiar. But you […]

Is There an iOS Update Available for My iPhone 5?

When major iOS updates become available (such as the iOS 10 update that was released to the public on September 13, 2016) you start to see more and more articles highlighting some of the new features about the software. If you spot something that you want to try, then you might wonder if the update […]

How to Stop Including Your iPhone’s Camera Roll in Your iCloud Backups

Enabling backups on your iPhone is important in the event that your phone is ever damaged or lost. You can choose to back up your device through iTunes on your computer, or you can create automatic backups to iCloud. The iCloud method is the simplest option, but you may not have enough room in your […]

What is the Control Center on the iPhone 5?

You may have noticed that there are certain features and utilities on the iPhone that people will casually reference when asked how to adjust a setting. One such location is the Control Center. But if you have never heard that term before, you may think they are referring to the Settings menu, or some other […]

How to Delete a Single Web Page from Your Safari History on an iPhone 5

When you are in a typical browsing session in the Safari Web browser on your iPhone, every page that you visit is being recorded in your history. So if there is a page that you are reading and cannot find later, you could open your history, scan through the pages that you were on, then […]

How Can I Tell If I Am In Private Browsing On My iPhone?

Private browsing on a Web browser allows you to visit Web pages without the browser storing your history, or any cookies or data on the sites that you visit. The Safari browser on your iPhone has a private browsing mode, but you might not be sure if you are using it. Fortunately there are a […]

How to Remove the Picture from an iPhone Lock Screen

The iPhone lets you choose the background images for the device that appear in a couple of locations. One of these locations is the lock screen, which shows the time and date, as well as some notifications, when you press the Power button after the screen is locked. But if someone else set your lock […]

How to Turn Off the Volume Limit in the iPhone Music App

The ability to carry around a lot of music on a portable device has made the iPhone one of the most used music players available. The music that you play on your device usually sounds pretty good, too, but you might find that it doesn’t seem loud enough, or that a friend’s iPhone is able […]

How to Find an App in iOS 9

When you download an install an app on your iPhone, then device will usually place the app in the first available spot that it can find on your Home screen. If you have a lot of apps on your device, then this can make new apps difficult to find. Additionally, if the app was installed […]

Why Can’t I Use Siri When My iPhone Screen is Locked?

The ability to use your voice to perform actions on an iPhone is made possible with Siri. Siri can “understand” things that you tell her (or him. You can change the Siri voice with these instructions) and perform certain actions for you. The Siri feature can be accessed from your Home screen, but is also […]