select the default account option

How to Set Your iPhone Default Email Account

It’s common for people to have more than one email account, and most popular mobile devices like the iPhone make it easy to set that up. But if you discover that your iPhone is sending messages from a different account than you would prefer, you might need to learn how to set the iPhone default … Read more

how to edit the alarm sound on the iphone 5

How to Set Alarm on iPhone 11

Your iPhone has a Clock app that includes a number of interesting features within it. These features include things like a world clock, a timer, and a stopwatch, all of which can come in handy when you need them. But there is also an Alarm tab that is arguably the most useful thing there. Our … Read more

how to show the character count on iphone 5 messages

What is Character Count on iPhone 5?

If you mostly send iMessages on your iPhone then you might not realize that your device can count characters in text messages. In fact, you might even be wondering “what is character count on iPhone 5 devices?” Text messaging is a great way to have a quick conversation with someone when you cannot or prefer … Read more

how to sign out of your apple id on the iphone 5 in ios 7

How to Sign Out of iPhone 13 in iOS 15

If you share your iPhone 5 with someone else, or if you want to allow a friend or child to borrow your iPhone 5 for a little while, then you may be concerned about them purchasing or downloading items with your Apple ID. One way to combat this is to sign out of your Apple … Read more

how to unblock a caller on the iphone 5

How to Unblock a Number iPhone Guide

Call blocking on the iPhone has become almost reflexive for me and, I’m sure, many other people. There’s so many unwanted calls that I typically don’t answer my phone anymore if it’s an unknown number. But this reactionary blocking can occasionally result in someone being blocked that should be, so check out our how to … Read more

Enter the contact info into the To field, then hit the Send button

How to Send a Link on iPhone 5

Often when you are browsing the Internet in the Safari browser on your iPhone you will find a Web page that you want to share with a friend or family member. You might be able to describe the page to them well enough for them to find it on their own, but a simpler way … Read more