How to Increase Text Size in iOS 7 on the iPhone 5

Smartphone screens are getting bigger with better resolutions, which have made them comparatively easier to read. However, the default text size can still be a strain on someone that doesn’t have perfect vision. Until the release of iOS 7 there was little that could be done to fix this problem.

However, iOS 7 has brought a new “Text Size” menu that allows you to manually adjust the size of text that appears on the screen. This can help greatly in making certain apps and screens easier to read, often without having a large effect on the overall appearance.


Make the Text on Your iPhone 5 Larger and Bolder in iOS 7

Note that this is not going to make the screen easier to read in every app. The text size adjustments are only applied to apps that use a feature called “Dynamic Text.” For example, this will make text bigger in the Mail and Messages app, but it won’t make it any larger in iTunes. But for people that have been looking for a simple solution to make the text larger on their iPhone 5, even easier reading in just a couple of the more reading-intensive apps is a welcome addition.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the ios 7 settings menu



Step 2: Select the General option.

open the general menu



Step 3: Scroll down and touch the Text-Size button.

touch the text size button



Step 4: Move the slider at the bottom of the screen to the right to make the text larger, or move it to the left to make the text smaller.

move the slider at the bottom of the screen to the right



Note that you can always come back here at any time to adjust the text size if you find that your last adjustment didn’t work as well as you had hoped.



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