How to Make a Header Row in Google Sheets

Creating a header row in Google Sheets makes it much simpler to identify the information contained within a column. You can also choose to keep that header row visible at the top of the spreadsheet as you scroll. Use these steps to make a header row in Google Sheets. Open your Google Sheets file. Add […]

How to Insert a Column in the Google Sheets iPhone App

When working with data in a spreadsheet it’s very common to adjust the rows or columns within that spreadsheet. We don’t always know the exact layout of our data, and the need for additional rows or columns can often arise. You may already be familiar with how to add a column to your spreadsheet in […]

How to Move Numbers to the Left Side of the Cell in Google Sheets

When you start typing numbers into a cell in Google Sheets, that data will appear at the right side of the cell by default. This setting is called alignment, and its the way that Google Sheets and other spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel handle the way that your information is displayed in your cells. But […]

How to Ungroup Columns in Google Sheets

Grouping columns in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel provides you with a simple method to hide and unhide large groups of data at once. A column grouping in Google Sheets indicated by a gray bar above the spreadsheet with a thing black line connecting all of the grouped columns. If you click on the “-” […]

How to Embed Google Sheets in WordPress

Adding media content to your website is a great way to give your readers additional information and resources. While much of the media that you might embed would be an image or a video, you may find yourself looking to display a spreadsheet on a Web page as well. If you are a WordPress user, […]

How to View or Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets on an iPhone

The steps in this article will show you how to change a setting in the Google Sheets iPhone app so that you can view or hide the gridlines in your spreadsheet. Open the Google Sheets app. Select the file to edit. Tap the worksheet name at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button to […]

How to Subtract in Google Sheets

This guide is going to show you how to subtract in Google Sheets. You will be able to use a formula that lets you subtract a value in one cell from a value in another cell. You can also use the subtraction formula to subtract one value from another within a single cell, as well as incorporate […]

How to Unmerge Cells in Google Sheets

Merging cells in a spreadsheet is useful when you are formatting data and have a section where you need to display information across many cells. But it can also cause a bit of a headache when you are sorting and moving data, and you may find yourself with some merged cells that no longer need […]

How to Make Cells Red if a Number is Less Than Zero in Google Sheets

In Microsoft Excel there is a number formatting option where you can have Excel automatically change the color of a number to red if the value of that number is less than zero. This is very helpful for many situations where you might use Excel, so if you are formatting a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, […]

How to Stop Freezing Rows in Google Sheets

Many of the issues that you might encounter when working with a spreadsheet may not actually have anything to do with the data in your cells. After you’ve gone through the trouble of generating your data and created all your formulas and charts, you may find that you’re having trouble simply navigating through all of […]