how to search in google sheets

How to Search in Google Spreadsheet Files (An Easy 3 Step Guide)

Finding data within a large spreadsheet file can be tedious, if not impossible. Fortunately, you have some options when you are trying to figure out how to search in Google spreadsheet files that can make the whole process a lot simpler. How to Search a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets There are a lot of other … Read more

open the google sheet to download

How to Download a Google Sheet as an Excel File

As a Google Apps user, it is really easy to share and collaborate on spreadsheet files with other people that also use Google Sheets. But not everyone is using those applications, and you might need to download Google spreadsheet files into other file types to share them with non-Google users. One of the more common … Read more

How to View or Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets on an iPhone

Gridlines are an oddly important thing to consider when you are editing data in a spreadsheet. They can be incredibly useful in making sure that there is a visual separation between the data in your cells, and can aid in preventing a lot of confusion. But certain styles of spreadsheets are impacted negatively by the … Read more