How to Alphabetize in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many of the same features as Microsoft Excel. Whether you want to merge cells in Google Sheets or calculate values with formulas, you can do so with Google’s spreadsheet application.

However, many of these features are found in different locations than you might be used to with Excel, so there can be a bit of a learning period as you familiarize your self with Sheets.

One of the most commonly used features in Excel is the ability to alphabetize or sort your data. This feature is also present in Google Sheets, and can be found on the Data tab.

Our guide below will walk you through the process of selecting and alphabetizing a column on Google Sheets.

How to Alphabetize on Google Sheets

  1. Sign into Google Drive and open your spreadsheet.
  2. Click the column letter to alphabetize.
  3. Choose the Data tab.
  4. Select the Sort range option.
  5. Adjust the options, then click Sort.

Our guide continues below with additional information and pictures of these steps.

How to Alphabetize a Column in Google Sheets

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to select a column and alphabetize all of the data in that column.

While our example below is going to focus on alphabetizing text, you can use this same method to sort numerical data as well. Choosing the A to Z option with numbers will put the smallest value at the top, while choosing the Z to A option will put the largest numerical value at the top.

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive at and double-click the spreadsheet containing the data that you wish to alphabetize.

Step 2: Select each column that you wish to include in the sort.

If you only want to sort one column of data and leave the rest of the information in its current location, then only select that column. However, if there is data in the other columns that is related to data in your target column, then select the other columns, too.

select columns in google sheets

Step 3: Click the Data tab at the top of the window.

sort alphabetically in google sheets

Step 4: Click the Sort range option.

Note that you could select the Sort sheet by column option or the Sort range by column option now, too, but I will use the Sort range option for this example. For reference, Sort sheet by column will sort the selected column along with any data in the corresponding rows. The Sort range by column option will only sort the selected column and leave the rest of the columns intact.

how to sort data in google sheets

Step 5: Check the box to the left of Data has header row option if you have a header row in your spreadsheet, then click the Sort by dropdown menu and select the column that you wish to sort alphabetically. Specify whether you want to sort from A to Z or Z to A, then click the OK button.

how to alphabetize in google sheets

The “Sort range” that we identify in the steps above will only appear if multiple columns are selected. Otherwise you will only see a couple of basic sorting options at the top of the menu.

When you choose to sort a column and you have data in other columns surrounding it, those other columns will be sorted based on the selected column. This happens because Google Sheets assumes that data in rows are related to one another, so it wants to keep that related data in the same row.

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