How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

There are a very large number of ways that someone might need to create a spreadsheet, and it is very likely that the default layout of a spreadsheet is not ideal for your needs. While there are many ways that you can customize the spreadsheet layout in Google Sheets, a common change is to merge several cells into one. This can help you to achieve the appearance that you need for your data.

Learning how to merge cells in Google Sheets is similar to how you might merge cells in Excel. You will be able to select the cells that you want to merge together, and you can choose from one of several different options to complete that merge.


How to Combine Cells in a Google Drive Spreadsheet

The steps in this guide were performed in a spreadsheet using the Google Sheets application. Depending upon the number of cells that you select to merge, you will have a couple of options. These options are:

  • Merge All – all of the highlighted cells will be merged into one large cell
  • Merge Horizontal – all of the highlighted cells will be merged on their rows. This option will result in a number of cells equal to the number of rows that were included in your merge selection.
  • Merge Vertical – all of the highlighted cells will be merge on their columns. This option will result in a number of cells equal to the number of columns that were included in your merge selection.

Step 1: Open your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can find your spreadsheets in Google Drive at


Step 2: Select the cells that you wish to merge.

cell merging in google sheets



Step 2: Click the Merge button in the toolbar, then select the merge option that best meets your needs.

how to merge cells in google sheets



In the example above, selecting each of the merge options would result in the following merges –

merge all cells in google sheets

Merge All


merge horizontal in google sheets

Merge Horizontal


merge vertical in google sheets

Merge Vertical


If you don’t like the result of your cell merge, you can either click Edit at the top of the window and select the Undo option, or you can click the Merge button again and select the Unmerge option.


Depending on your document needs, you might find that your data is best communicated in a table in Google Docs instead of Google Sheets. You can format Google Docs tables in several ways, including the vertical alignment of the data in those tables. Using options like that can help you to give your table the appearance it requires. newsletter
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