uncheck the show sheet right to left option

Why is My Worksheet Backwards in Excel 2010?

Microsoft Excel has a couple of different potential layouts, though many people will only ever see one. A layout option that can be really confusing involves a complete reversal of the spreadsheet layout. If you have a spreadsheet with Excel columns backwards and row numbers on the right side, then our tutorial below can show … Read more

click the custom header button

How to Add Same Header to All Sheets in Excel 2013

When you want to make the same change to multiple cells in a Microsoft Excel worksheet, then you can usually do so by selecting all of the cells that you want to edit. The same rule applies to entire worksheets in Excel, and one of the things you can edit in bulk are headers. You … Read more

smaller image of blank Excel worksheet

What is the Difference Between a Workbook and a Worksheet in Excel 2010?

Have you seen the terms “worksheet” and “workbook” a lot when reading about Microsoft Excel? They may seem like the same thing, or at least fairly similar, but they have some important differences. A workbook in Microsoft Excel is the entire file and can contain worksheets inside of it. A worksheet is each individual tab … Read more