How to Rename a Worksheet in Google Sheets

Large workbooks often have multiple worksheets contained within them, as it is usually more convenient to contain related information entirely within one file.

The default worksheet naming convention in Google Sheets will label each worksheet with names like Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheets3, etc, which is typically not very helpful in identifying the information contained in that sheet.

Fortunately, Google Sheets will allow you to rename your worksheet tabs so that you can use more descriptive identification. Our tutorial below will show you where you need to go in order to adjust your worksheet names.

Changing a Worksheet Tab Name in Google Sheets

The steps in the guide below will show you how to rename a single worksheet within your Google Sheets workbook. It is important to note that a workbook and a worksheet are two separate things. The workbook is the entire file, and can be renamed by clicking the file name at the top of the window, as in the image below.

rename the workbook

We are going to be renaming just one worksheet within that workbook with the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the workbook containing the worksheet that you wish to rename. I am renaming a workbook called Test workbook in the image below.
select the workbook
  • Step 2: Click the arrow to the left of the worksheet tab that you wish to rename, then click the Rename option.
click the worksheet tab, then click rename
  • Step 3: Type the new name for the worksheet into the field, then press Enter on your keyboard to save it.
renaming a worksheet

Note that you can also rename a worksheet by right-clicking on the worksheet tab, then selecting the Rename option.

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