How to Make Multiple Column Widths the Same in Excel 2013

There are many elements of a spreadsheet that you can modify to fit your needs. The settings to adjust will vary based on your situation, but eventually you will want to adjust the width of a column so that you can read all of the data contained in the cells, or so that you can print the spreadsheet in a manner that is easier to understand.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change the width of multiple columns, however, you can save yourself some time by changing them all at the same time. Our short guide below will show you how you can select multiple columns and change a setting so that all of the selected columns have the same width.


Change the Width of Multiple Columns in Excel 2013

The steps below are going to show you how to select multiple columns in Microsoft Excel, then change the width of all of these columns so that they have the same width. This can be an effective way to make your data easier to read, or it can be helpful for changing the layout of a document so that it prints better.


Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2013.


Step 2: Click on the letter of the first column for which you want to change the width, then hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse until all of the desired columns are selected.

select the columns to modify



Step 3: Right-click one of the column letters, then click the Column Width option.

right-click a column, then select the column width option



Step 4: Click inside the Column width field, then enter the desired column width. Click the OK button when you are done to change the column widths.

how to change the width of multiple columns in excel 2013



You may find that you need to experiment with the column width until you find the appropriate size. You can always simply follow these steps again to make additional changes to the width until you achieve your desired results.

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